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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Greyhound Pub Treasure Hunt

The Greyhound Pub in the Kensington sim is giving away a house! Yes, the Lindens have nothing on us here in Virtual London. The house, which was built by barman Gold Cazalet, is part of a treasure hunt currently being held at the pub. It’s very simple to participate in the hunt. There are 20 pebbles (also described as “pieces of grunge”) scattered around or just outside the Greyhound. Find a pebble, a sample of which is on the bar, click on it and buy for 0 lindens. Some pebbles don’t have a prize, some have other creations made by Gold and one has the house. I was fortunate enough to find a tin of shortbread, food is always good. I’ll have to go back to find the house sometime.

Next door to the pub is a new shop, Kensington Creations, opened just last week, containing objects created by Gold and Greyhound Pub barmaid Isobel Byron. All sorts of things can be found there - landscape photography, wings, ornaments, even a shower. Expect the unexpected. Gold is also selling through XStreet,

The Greyhound Pub treasure hunt, which began on Feb. 26, is set to run for 2 weeks. Drop by, who knows what you will find!
Thanks to Gold Cazalet for providing pictures of the house.

Hibiscus Hastings

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