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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Green Man Pub In Virtual Westminster

We have a new pub in Virtual Westminster, it’s The Green Man. The Landlord is one of Virtual London’s favourite members, Rob Fenwitch. Rob hadn’t really planned on taking on a pub, but he told me that he had been a regular at another pub called the Bushy Beard in the Brugge sim. The Bushy Beard had closed a few days earlier and Rob was on the look out for somewhere new. He was unaware that the new Green Man pub was being built until he teleported over to the area and bumped into London Director Torric Rodas, Rob says “before I could say no I was the manager.” Rob has recruited Zila Silvansky and a couple of dj’s from the Bushy Beard, so it’s nice that they have a new venue on the closure of their last pub. Zila will be a big help to Rob as she had been running the Bushy Beard for 6 months as the Landlady there. This is very new to Rob and he admitted it was a little ‘scary’ saying he wasn’t cut out for the people thing. In actual fact Rob is one of the most approachable people I’ve met in SL, and just right for the job, he definitely has great ‘people skills’ I really enjoyed the evening, and I think Rob and his team will do brilliantly with the Green Man and I wish them every success. Go on over and have a pint and see if you want to make this your new local, I think you will hang around!

Janey Bracken

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