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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Brie's Shower

On Sunday London manager Brie Janick celebrated her upcoming nuptials with her girlfriends from the London sims. The girls’ only party took place at B & G’s Club, which had been decorated with flowers and balloons in black, red and white, the colours Brie and Seany have chosen for their big event.

Guests were welcomed with champagne and cake by bridesmaids Genevieve Gagne, TxBarbara Bailey and cutewillow Carlberg. We then sat around and played a game of “Brie and Seany trivia”, which was both enlightening and hilarious. And since this was a get-together of the UGC girls, food (brie and Cornish pasties amongst other things) became a main topic.

After this, everyone went outside for a group photo and then some took to the water, going down the water slide or diving.

Gen had to leave because she was dj’ing at the UGC, so most of the party moved to the club, where we were joined by the men of the sims. It was a fun and relaxed way to celebrate with Brie and Seany, and to wish them many many more happy times to come.

Hibiscus Hastings


cutewillow said...

my sweet brie
wonderfull freind and little sis to me love you lots you truly are one amzing person hunnie
love you lots lots cutepie

Brie Janick said...

Was such a great party was shocked and suprised , I got to share the day with the people i love more than anything.Cute and barb,gen are my girls love u my sissys and Hibs ty for a wonderful story and i yaya im getting married lol
Brie Janick

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Brie, I'm really sorry I missed your shower, real life got in the way big time!! Looks like you had a wonderful time thanks to Barb and all your friends! You are well loved by us all!!

Janey x