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Monday, 29 March 2010

Brie and Seany Renew Their Wedding Vows

They were words straight from the heart, Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker stood facing each other before Minister Truths Marder and recited their wedding vows. Seany told Brie “Brie this is truly a great day, when you said yes to marrying me you made my heart skip a beat I was so happy I was smiling for the rest of the day. You are my soul mate when I wake in the morning you’re the first person I think off and when I got to bed at night you’re the last person I think of. This is just the first part us getting married in second life, the second part is getting married in real life, something I look forward to so much, I just can't wait for that day to come. Brie I love you with all of my heart and soul sweetheart, now I can call you the wife :)”

Gazing back into Seany’s eyes, Brie told him “I knew from the first day that I met you, that you were so very special to me, my love for you has grown with each passing hour and I cannot imagine life without my love, my Sean. you are my angel, my soul mate, my entire life. When we marry in real life I will be complete, I am so lucky to have this wonderful man at my side, soon to be my husband. I adore you with all of my heart and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you Sean, my best friend,The Kebab King. My one true love.” So it was, the wife and the Kebab King took their wedding vows in front of all their friends in the Kensington building in Virtual London. There was a sense of great happiness for these two wonderful people, those of us who have followed the story of Brie and Seany’s real life and Second Life romance know that they are perfect for each other and will have a brilliant future together.

Brie looked beautiful in her elegant white gown, slim fitting with a sweetheart shaped neckline trimmed with Nottingham lace. The full length gown’s voile overskirt fell in gentle gathers from just below hip level creating a small train at the back, this too was prettily trimmed with lace. Bye contrast the bridesmaids, Gen, Pink, Cute and TXBarbara looked stunning in long black satin and lace gowns, like Brie’s own wedding bouquet the bridesmaids floral sprays were made up of red roses and white lillies, a lovely contrast to their outfits. The interior of the Kensington building had been decorated with white drapes and red roses too, making a perfect setting for this grand occasion. Seany and his best man, TD Reinard both looked really handsome in their tuxes, they had arrived really early at the venue to make sure there weren't any last minute hitches.

After the ceremony Brie had a surprise in store for Seany, he is well known for being a big fan of the British rock group The Cure, so Brie had arranged a tribute Cure band for the reception. Seany was delighted and had some photos taken on stage with the band at the end of the evening.

Guests partied late into the night and everyone congratulated Brie and Seany on their very real love match, may they have a long and happy future together both in SL and real life!!!

Janey Bracken


cutwillow said...

wish you both many yars of happy nessboth youare truly amzing freinds
love you both lots cute&shane

Ed Follet said...

A lovely occasion... Best wishes to Brie and Seany :-))

seany said...

thanks janey for a great storey and thanks everyone who come along on the day you all made it even better and a big thanks to my love brie who had the cure playing for me first time ever i was lost for words lol love you sweetheart