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Friday, 19 March 2010

Back To The Future

We had a really good time down at the Underground club the other night, the theme had been ‘Back to the Future’ based on the time travelling movie. People had put on costumes from the film, mostly 1950’s clothes. Virtual London regular Spurt Renoir even came dressed as the clock tower being struck by lightning, which took some imagination on his part, very clever!! Club manager Seany and his team had done us proud, the club had been decorated to suit the movie too, with a highroad down the middle and the Delorean sports car just like the film setting. Back to the Future reminded me of some photos I took just recently when I travelled to the Dublin sim. I had been talking to Hibiscus about how avatars had changed, I had started in SL as a Goth, which you don’t see very often nowadays. The new newbie avatars are very different now, but I thought you might like to see all the SL avs from the past to the present and here they are in the final three pictures:

Janey Bracken

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