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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Brie and Seany To Leave Virtual London

There has been a change in the Virtual London Team and it comes as a great shock to see two of the most established and well loved people being put into a situation where they feel they have no option but to leave. Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker have basically been with London since the beginning and put in many hours of creating a wonderful place for the rest of us to enjoy. Brie and Seany loved Virtual London and are very sad to go, it holds lots of special memories for them. However, they can look back and be very proud of their achievements in London, Seany looked after both the Chelsea and Kensington sims and he was a great landlord. When I had my apartment in Chelsea, Seany was always there to sort out any problems, including ejecting griefers and being so approachable, becoming a good friend I could call on anytime, nothing was too much trouble for him. Brie’s bubbly and friendly personality made her a favourite with everyone, for Brie too, nothing was too much trouble, she was always there to assist us all. Both Brie and Seany have worked tirelessly to bring entertainment to the London sims, organising fantastic events and the work behind the scenes must have been tremendously hard for them.

Brie made Knightsbridge a very welcoming friendly place to be, shop owners would move in and stay there, realising what an excellent service they were getting. Brie saw us through the seasons, the beautiful Christmas lights in the Knightsbridge roads were so tastefully done, I don’t think any real life streets could come close, but that is Brie all over, she has exquisite taste and knows how to present the area so people wanted to be there. We had street parties in the summer, fireworks and live gigs. Brie and Seany made the Underground Club a place where regulars go back time after time. They joined in the fun with the clubbers as they both dj’d with Brie also hosting. Seany, as the club manager, was skilled indeed at doing the club up for different theme nights, just recently we had a ‘Back To The Future’ theme complete with a road layout and DeLorean sports car in the middle. I remember Halloween themes, Valentine parties, Christmas and New Year’s Eve Balls, Seany did a brilliant job. But it wasn’t only the decorations, people went to the club to be with Brie and Seany, they felt at home in the company of these two wonderful people. Brie is the ultimate people’s person, she’s an organiser, strong but with a caring sensible side that I can only describe as very professional. I never forgot the first time I heard her take the stage at a sim owned by the media group Orange, she was there representing the London sims and spoke out faultlessly, no apparent nerves and in her own warm way, which made people listen.

Brie was in charge of Hyde Park too, being the SL Gateway for new people, she used her organisational skills again to train ‘Greeters’ to perfection, making sure that the new people got off to a great start.

There has been a re-shuffle of management posts in the London sims, and it would appear that a different business process is being used, bringing Knightsbridge and Kensington into line with Mayfair. This new strategy may bring in more money to cover the very expensive upkeep of the sims. However, I personally think, that there needs to be a balance, whilst I greatly admire the business prowess of making as much profit as possible, there also needs to be the human factor, those special people who make you feel welcome and want to stay. I asked Brie and Seany how they felt about what has happened and Seany told me that they felt like they have been pushed out.

The London sims without Brie and Seany? Well I for one just can’t imagine London without them, Virtual London will be losing part of its heart and its main strength, it is a very sad day indeed!
Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Happy Birthday Janis!!

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish dj Janis Short a very Happy Birthday. Janis celebrated with Morrissey down at the Underground Club in Knightsbridge.

Parts of Kensington Disappear as London (lite) Includes Other London Based Sims

You might rub your eyes in disbelief this morning, SL plays tricks and things don’t rez, but as you stand there you realise that some really beautiful objects have disappeared from the Kensington sim today, and it seems like they are really gone. Master builder TD Reinard has decided to remove some of the stunning things he created like the Kensington building and the Greyhound pub. Also the wonderful park at the back of the church has disappeared. I guess the phrase ‘be careful who you annoy’ comes to mind, as I would imagine that these objects are in TD’s name and therefore he owns them, if they weren’t signed over. Therefore, Virtual London may not be able to use any copies they have. TD is one of SL’s best builders, if not THE BEST, creating works of art, his skill has always amazed me and he will be greatly missed in London. If you are reading this TD perhaps you would like to comment and let us know the story behind your removing the items that gave us so much joy.

While we are on the subject of change, Virtually London (lite) are expanding, we will be reporting on other sims based on London themes as well, so any of you people out there who have London type sims, either modern or period, you may be getting a visit from us intrepid reporters!
Janey Bracken

Sculpture In Kensington Park

There was an excited gathering of avatars in SL Kensington Park on Friday evening, eagerly awaiting the results of The Greyhound Pub's sculpture competition.

To win a prize a sculpture had to satisfy a panel of judges that it was the most interesting or beautiful or wacky object submitted, and to test the sculptors the builds were restricted to 3 prims and 3 scripts. The competition was limited to 10 entries but open to both experienced and novice SL builders and attracted a wide variety of ideas, styles and skills.
Points were awarded to all of the entries and such was the high standard that the judging was extremely difficult and the final scores very close.



3rd CURTISS SPAD – L$ 200

4th FAITH MAXWELL – L$ 100


Virtually London (lite) congratulates the winners and thanks Landlady Cute and Gold and Isobel of The Greyhound pub who organised a brilliant event, and well done to all of the other competitors. Special thanks are due to Kensington architect TD Reinhard who provided sponsorship.

The sculptures will remain on display in Kensington Park for the immediate future and may be available for purchase (contact the Greyhound staff).

Ed Follet

Monday, 29 March 2010

Brie and Seany Renew Their Wedding Vows

They were words straight from the heart, Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker stood facing each other before Minister Truths Marder and recited their wedding vows. Seany told Brie “Brie this is truly a great day, when you said yes to marrying me you made my heart skip a beat I was so happy I was smiling for the rest of the day. You are my soul mate when I wake in the morning you’re the first person I think off and when I got to bed at night you’re the last person I think of. This is just the first part us getting married in second life, the second part is getting married in real life, something I look forward to so much, I just can't wait for that day to come. Brie I love you with all of my heart and soul sweetheart, now I can call you the wife :)”

Gazing back into Seany’s eyes, Brie told him “I knew from the first day that I met you, that you were so very special to me, my love for you has grown with each passing hour and I cannot imagine life without my love, my Sean. you are my angel, my soul mate, my entire life. When we marry in real life I will be complete, I am so lucky to have this wonderful man at my side, soon to be my husband. I adore you with all of my heart and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you Sean, my best friend,The Kebab King. My one true love.” So it was, the wife and the Kebab King took their wedding vows in front of all their friends in the Kensington building in Virtual London. There was a sense of great happiness for these two wonderful people, those of us who have followed the story of Brie and Seany’s real life and Second Life romance know that they are perfect for each other and will have a brilliant future together.

Brie looked beautiful in her elegant white gown, slim fitting with a sweetheart shaped neckline trimmed with Nottingham lace. The full length gown’s voile overskirt fell in gentle gathers from just below hip level creating a small train at the back, this too was prettily trimmed with lace. Bye contrast the bridesmaids, Gen, Pink, Cute and TXBarbara looked stunning in long black satin and lace gowns, like Brie’s own wedding bouquet the bridesmaids floral sprays were made up of red roses and white lillies, a lovely contrast to their outfits. The interior of the Kensington building had been decorated with white drapes and red roses too, making a perfect setting for this grand occasion. Seany and his best man, TD Reinard both looked really handsome in their tuxes, they had arrived really early at the venue to make sure there weren't any last minute hitches.

After the ceremony Brie had a surprise in store for Seany, he is well known for being a big fan of the British rock group The Cure, so Brie had arranged a tribute Cure band for the reception. Seany was delighted and had some photos taken on stage with the band at the end of the evening.

Guests partied late into the night and everyone congratulated Brie and Seany on their very real love match, may they have a long and happy future together both in SL and real life!!!

Janey Bracken

Friday, 26 March 2010

Katia Keres Sings Live This Sunday

The London team have a great night planned for this coming Sunday, brilliant live singer Katia Keres will take to the stage down at Bogies Jazz Club in Virtual Mayfair. It's a fairly late one, starting at 11pm (UK) (3pm SLT), but Keres is worth the wait, so be sure to be there!!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Happy Birthday Pink

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish Pink Bachem a very Happy Belated Birthday, which was on Tuesday, Pink was having a great time down at the Underground Club in Knightsbridge last night celebrating with all her friends. However, it all looked a bit dodgy at one stage as a swivelled eyed bug monster, who had forgotten his shoes, came into the club. People thought they could smell something fishy, as the bug monster had cleared the dance floor around him, I can only guess the smell was coming from his feet. Someone suggested it was a famous dj and Club Manager in disguise, but I don't know....... Happy Birthday Pink!

Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Brie's Shower

On Sunday London manager Brie Janick celebrated her upcoming nuptials with her girlfriends from the London sims. The girls’ only party took place at B & G’s Club, which had been decorated with flowers and balloons in black, red and white, the colours Brie and Seany have chosen for their big event.

Guests were welcomed with champagne and cake by bridesmaids Genevieve Gagne, TxBarbara Bailey and cutewillow Carlberg. We then sat around and played a game of “Brie and Seany trivia”, which was both enlightening and hilarious. And since this was a get-together of the UGC girls, food (brie and Cornish pasties amongst other things) became a main topic.

After this, everyone went outside for a group photo and then some took to the water, going down the water slide or diving.

Gen had to leave because she was dj’ing at the UGC, so most of the party moved to the club, where we were joined by the men of the sims. It was a fun and relaxed way to celebrate with Brie and Seany, and to wish them many many more happy times to come.

Hibiscus Hastings

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Green Man Pub In Virtual Westminster

We have a new pub in Virtual Westminster, it’s The Green Man. The Landlord is one of Virtual London’s favourite members, Rob Fenwitch. Rob hadn’t really planned on taking on a pub, but he told me that he had been a regular at another pub called the Bushy Beard in the Brugge sim. The Bushy Beard had closed a few days earlier and Rob was on the look out for somewhere new. He was unaware that the new Green Man pub was being built until he teleported over to the area and bumped into London Director Torric Rodas, Rob says “before I could say no I was the manager.” Rob has recruited Zila Silvansky and a couple of dj’s from the Bushy Beard, so it’s nice that they have a new venue on the closure of their last pub. Zila will be a big help to Rob as she had been running the Bushy Beard for 6 months as the Landlady there. This is very new to Rob and he admitted it was a little ‘scary’ saying he wasn’t cut out for the people thing. In actual fact Rob is one of the most approachable people I’ve met in SL, and just right for the job, he definitely has great ‘people skills’ I really enjoyed the evening, and I think Rob and his team will do brilliantly with the Green Man and I wish them every success. Go on over and have a pint and see if you want to make this your new local, I think you will hang around!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 22 March 2010

Gunman Scared of Tiny Red Panda

I decided to put on a tiny avatar the other day, I’d never experienced SL as a tiny and I thought it might be quite an experience. There I was, this little red panda in a blue dress, a fraction of the height I had been with my human avatar. I met up with Hibiscus first for a cup of tea and a cake in a lovely coffee shop somewhere in SL and then we headed back to virtual London. After wandering around a bit Hibiscus had to log off, so I decided to go over to Hyde Park to see what the newbies thought of a small panda wandering around. It was a bit like I wasn’t there really, people carried on talking over my head without even a glance in my direction. Then I spotted him, a newbie called Mister24 with a gun, aiming it at people and thinking he looked so cool with his newbie spiked prim hair. Well I couldn’t resist I directed my little av to stand right next to him and gazed up into those vacant newbie eyes. Here is the conversation between the wee panda and the wannabe gunman:

Janey Bracken: hey Mister
[2010/03/16 13:32] Janey Bracken: silly gun
[2010/03/16 13:32] Mister24: i am a thief!!!!!
[2010/03/16 13:32] Janey Bracken: you are?
[2010/03/16 13:32] Mister24: and i am crazy!!!
[2010/03/16 13:32] Mister24: i kill you
[2010/03/16 13:32] Janey Bracken: oh thought so
[2010/03/16 13:33] Janey Bracken: I keel you hehe

He peered all around but didn’t appear to see me:

[2010/03/16 13:33] Mister24: who is speaking?
[2010/03/16 13:33] Janey Bracken: can see right up your nose
[2010/03/16 13:33] Janey Bracken: me down here
[2010/03/16 13:33] Mister24: loooooooool
[2010/03/16 13:33] Janey Bracken: don't tread on my tail
[2010/03/16 13:33] Mister24: what is this????
[2010/03/16 13:33] Mister24: looooool
[2010/03/16 13:34] Mister24: what are you?
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: what do you mean?
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: what are you?
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: I'm a panda can't you see?
[2010/03/16 13:34] Mister24: im crazy
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: yes I know
[2010/03/16 13:34] Mister24: i kill you
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: I like crazy people
[2010/03/16 13:34] Mister24: omg
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: I'll bite your ankle
[2010/03/16 13:35] Mister24: you scare me
[2010/03/16 13:35] Janey Bracken: good
Well a tiny panda scaring a big guy with a gun, that’s a new one for Hyde Park and Mister24 carried on chatting to a girl after I had scared him witless. He wasn’t very good in the romance stakes either, halfway through the conversation he had to explain to the lady that he was flirting with her, how sad is that!! It was only later that I was chatting to London manager Eveshka Blackheart that I heard more of the tale of the lone gunman Mister24. She told me that he had been walking around London with a gun for days demanding Linden dollars. She said that he had “made so many enemies that people started getting baseball bats and attacking HIM!” Eveshka said she chased him in her car “til he was running for his life” Eveska laughed and said “GUNMAN GETS KARMA”. This made me laugh so much, our confessed thief Mister24 on the run from all the virtual London residents as well as a tiny red panda. Even my Siamese kitten Max wasn’t afraid of the panda and carried on sleeping!!

Janey Bracken

Friday, 19 March 2010

Back To The Future

We had a really good time down at the Underground club the other night, the theme had been ‘Back to the Future’ based on the time travelling movie. People had put on costumes from the film, mostly 1950’s clothes. Virtual London regular Spurt Renoir even came dressed as the clock tower being struck by lightning, which took some imagination on his part, very clever!! Club manager Seany and his team had done us proud, the club had been decorated to suit the movie too, with a highroad down the middle and the Delorean sports car just like the film setting. Back to the Future reminded me of some photos I took just recently when I travelled to the Dublin sim. I had been talking to Hibiscus about how avatars had changed, I had started in SL as a Goth, which you don’t see very often nowadays. The new newbie avatars are very different now, but I thought you might like to see all the SL avs from the past to the present and here they are in the final three pictures:

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 18 March 2010

St Patrick's Day Parties

St Patrick’s Day went off with a bang in virtual London with lots of parties going on. Hibiscus and I tried to travel around to cover each event, which was a shame in a way as we would have liked to have stayed at each location for longer joining in the fun. I always think virtual London would be better to hold just one big event for special occasions, maybe taking it in turns for each area. However with real life to compete with as well with people going out, London didn’t do too badly at all with the number of people celebrating in-world. The Underground Club party was brilliant with dj Brie Janick and host TXBarbara Bailey giving us a lively time, handing out giant mugs of beer and bringing tears to our eyes with laughter as Brie played the ‘River Dance’ and we all jigged around the dance floor. The Coach and Horses too was full of people dancing in bright emerald green costumes, Landlord Wiccy Shackleton always makes sure everyone is having fun. Bogies Jazz Club had a fantastic live singer, CTM Underwood, who gave an amazing performance with his cool style and choice of popular hits such as ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ and ‘Take on me’. I would have loved to have stayed for the whole of CTM’s gig, and I will definitely go to see him again in the near future. Hibiscus went over to the Greyhound Pub where Landlady Cutewillow Carlberg and her team were joining in the festivities, the River dance seemed to be a popular choice again, it’s a good job most of us have the Irish Jig in our inventories!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel worn out!!! Please, next year can we all get together in virtual London and have one big party so me and Hibiscus can stay put in one place!! Anyway, congratulations to the London teams for all their hard work to make St Patrick’s Day rock!!

Janey Bracken