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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day In Virtual London

If you aren't going out in real life to celebrate Valentine's Day you can find plenty of places to go in Virtual London. The Mayhem Club and Coach and Horses in virtual Mayfair always put on great events and the Greyhound Pub in virtual Kensington are offering a fantastic night. The Greyhound party starts at 12-2pm (SLT) that's 8pm to 10pm (UK), you can see their blog for more details. It also happens to be the Chinese New Year celebrations for the Year of the Tiger and you can party the night away to this theme in Bogies Jazz Club in Mayfair. For further details of Mayfair times, contact Torric Rodas or for the Coach and Horses Wiccy Shackleton in-world. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and don't forget to give that card and present to the one you love to make them feel special, both in SL and in real life!!

Janey Bracken

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