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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Go-Kart Fun In Virtual Hyde Park

You can have great fun in virtual Hyde Park, there’s a new ‘Go-kart’ track and I went over there with Ed to try it out. Being a bit dim, I stood at the side of the track wondering where the karts were, but then Ed told me to click on one of the number boards at the start and suddenly a nice shiny green kart rezzed into view. Of course, there is a great big sign there which gives instructions that for some reason I didn't see!! Jumping into the kart I sped off, as Ed did the same with his own kart. It was then I realised that it was quite difficult to steer if you pressed too hard on your arrow keys. Trying a gentler approach I did a lot better, although still got stuck on the corners a bit as Ed zoomed around in front of me. I did see him leave the track once though, to go hurtling down the Hyde Park road, but he soon returned to nudge my kart into the air, making it turn over about 3 times before righting itself back on the track.

Hibiscus joined us and rezzed her own kart. Off she went as a guy called Max decided he would share the experience with her and sat on the bonnet. Hib did well considering she couldn’t see very well through Max, who clung on for dear life. Another lady also joined us and the track was getting quite full as Max then got his own kart out. I suddenly found it was a bit like the dodgems as I came up to the back of all the others and gently nudged with my kart making them spin a bit, very naughty of me! I did get better as I got used to the kart, and I think after a couple of goes I will be in much more control, well maybe! It was tremendous fun, so teleport over and see if you can burn some rubber with your friends!

Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

Great fun Janey, the best Karts I have tried so far in SL. You caught the action brilliantly too, it was that guy Max who caused the pile up. Probably still wearing the blindfold from when he was riding with Hibs, lol.

Hibiscus said...

Hey! What is that supposed to mean?
It was a lot of fun, though.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Ed and Hib,

Oh no! not glaring at each other again!! Thought there was enough rivalry over the fishing! Looks like Go-karts at dawn, I think we ought to have another race!