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Monday, 1 February 2010

A Crashing Good Time!

Don’t you just get days where everything goes wrong, not really things that matter so much in the big scheme of things, just nuisances like the washing machine packs up at the same time that your car breaks down and you can’t get to the supermarket to pick up stuff you have run out of. Oh well, at least most people can jump on a bus, or walk to a shop, but it’s surprising how we take things for granted. SL is a bit like that, when it’s running smoothly we just teleport around having fun and meeting our friends and shopping etc, it’s only when things won’t rez, you can’t move for the lag and your attachments won’t attach (usually I have one shoe on and the other one refuses to appear, with a nice blue sign in the bottom of the screen that says ‘cannot attach, attachment already pending’, or something like that!). It all gets a bit tedious, especially when you change your outfit and it hasn’t appeared, but when you type ‘worn’ in your inventory to see if it has gone on your avatar and it says you are already wearing it (I usually re-log at this stage, I’ve tried teleporting and all sorts but nothing seems to work except ‘re-log’). I’ve been happily chatting away to someone who doesn’t seem to be answering me any more, my goodness, I knew I was boring, but how rude of them just to stop talking!! Then I realise that I am in a state of crash and just disappeared off the chat screen to the person I am still rabbiting on to! Another strange bug that happens occasionally and I don’t know if everyone gets this, is that you log on for the first time that day and there is an IM waiting for you. It’s not someone leaving you a fresh message, it’s a tiny part of the conversation you had with them the day before, not even the last bit, but an odd remark in the middle of the chat! I know that it isn’t only me because other people have remarked on it too.

Virtual London had a few problems the other day when the Hyde Park sim suddenly crashed and then Knightsbridge disappeared, although I’m not too sure if Knightsbridge had been restarted to reset the region. Hyde Park is the Gateway for new people to arrive into SL and I wondered how many newbies got diverted to another area because of the down time. Hyde Park wasn’t off the map that long, but you could tell people didn’t like being away from their usual meeting place, I suppose we all get attached to certain areas where our friends are. When I did go over to Hyde Park for a look around I decided to fly over to the sandbox and what did I see? a dirty great sign saying ‘Out of Order’, oh well, it never rains but it pours!! At least I don’t have to wash my clothes in SL, so it doesn’t matter if my virtual washing machine blows a fuse or not!
Janey Bracken

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