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Friday, 5 February 2010

Come and Play Truthball if You Dare!!

Dare you tell the truth? Maybe you want to know more about your SL friends, but were afraid to ask. Will they tell the truth? Well now you can have some fun finding out! The Truthball has come to Virtual London and it's in our very own shop. You can bring a best friend and ask some risque questions, or come as a group for some milder ones by playing the Truthball, either way it's a lot of fun and it's free (you can always make a small donation to the tip jar by the door if you like the game).

All you have to do is make yourselves comfortable and click on the glass orb on the table, it will then ask you questions in chat, you can answer in chat or IM depending on how brave you feel!!

Come on over to the Trilogy Group shop in virtual Kensington and have a great time!
Janey Bracken

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