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Friday, 12 February 2010

Aerobics at the UGC

On Monday evening I happened to wander into the Underground Club and discovered an aerobics class going on! I have often wondered how the UGC regulars stay in such great shape and had assumed it was through dancing, but now it seems that they have decided to add workouts to their exercise repertoire. DJ Janis Short provided the great music that helped keep everyone going and Host TXBarbara Bailey made sure that everyone was feeling the burn. I even discovered our intrepid VL(l) reporter Ed Follet there, no wonder he is so quick at running after stories, he certainly keeps himself in good shape. Rob Fenwich must be getting in the Olympic mood, his workout wear showed a distinctly international flavour, it was covered with American, Canadian and British flags.

Poor Isobel Byron worked herself so hard that at the end of the class she collapsed on the floor, waterbottle in hand and a smile on her face. Fortunately Nahiram Vaniva was nearby; she went to Isobel's aid as did DJ Janis, who offered her a choice of cake. All in all it was an energetic and fun evening

Hibiscus Hastings


Anonymous said...

Wow! Exercise classes in SL? What will they think of next! I'm hoping for some 5k or 10k runs!!!


Janey Bracken said...

Great post Hib, hope Isobel recovered ok, lol, cake definately helps! Have to save some cake for you Drax, keep your strength up for the run!

Janey x

Ed Follet said...

It was a fun evening Hib and great reporting, I was too busy trying to maintain a cool pose ha ha. Isobel must have over done it, I've never seen avatars sweat before, lol. Drax, I didn't see you in the naked run round Soho last year, but then I wouldn't have recognised you by your attachments lol.

Ed :-))

Anonymous said...

I wanted to participate in the naked Soho run but they wouldn't let me. My attachments had too many prims!!


Hibiscus said...

What a shame, Drax, don't you hate prim limits?