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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Rez-idents Celebrate RezDays At The UGC

There was a joint party last night a the Underground Club as four Virtual London regulars celebrated their Rezdays. The popular four Brie Janick, Pink Bachem, Clive Hissop and Pumpkin Zenovka had a great time with all their friends. Brie was working however, and dj'd the event with Amourette Dubrovna hosting. Virtuall London (lite) would like to wish the fab four a very Happy Rezday each and may they have many many more!!!

Janey Bracken


Hibiscus said...

It was a great party, happy Rez Day Brie, Pink, Clive and Pumpkin!

Drumbo Buccaneer said...

Happy Rez Day Brie, Pink, Clive and Pumpkin! It's my Rez Day later this week. How time flies...

cutewillow said...

happy rezzie day pink clive pumking brissie
youre 2 years olf
love cutie