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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Newbie Shockers!

As I looked around virtual Hyde Park yesterday I spotted the changing rooms and instantly thought they were public toilets because of the man and woman symbols on the doors. What a funny thought! the very thing our avatars don’t have to do is go to the loo, although too many cups of tea and coffee, whilst sitting at the keyboard, does mean a lot of brb’s (be right back) in text chat, not to mention the odd glass of wine or beer has the same affect!

It was as I was looking at the changing rooms that I saw on group chat that a nude avatar was running amok in the park, people were concerned that he was naked and the fact that he was new and seemed to have lost his clothes by mistake. As I was in the area I tracked him down and then I could see that the day old newbie was in fact doing a bit of griefing, I don't think he had lost his clothes by mistake, as he had an attachment that no new males are born with, a penis (sorry to be blunt!!). I sent him an IM asking him to detach his pride and joy and to put some clothes on, he just ignored me. I told him that I would report him and he ignored me again and he finally logged off! Maybe he was new and maybe someone gave him the attachment to wear, but he was ignoring my IM’s which leads me to think he just wanted to be an exhibitionist.

It seemed there were a few suspicious newbies about last night, calling in the Underground Club for a nice dance to end the evening with Ed and Hibiscus, I saw a couple of newbies going around crashing into the clubbers on purpose, ok they might think it’s fun, lots of new people do the barging into people thing to get attention, but these did carry on for a long time, so beware, newbies may not always be new, but just alternative avatars that older av’s have created thinking they can use them to do a bit of mild griefing.

Janey Bracken


Nahiram Vaniva said...

Hi janey,

Interesting report you've made. This is an issue for SL managers and greeters, griefers. And sometimes, it is the same old users who cause this, they don't get that Hyde Park is a PG sim and that some rules apply - I think they don't read the SL-TOS
or Community Standards

Some are ALTs who don't care about the nice community that has grown in the park. Or they are the same regulars who are bored and want to give troubles :/

I hope this didn't happen ... It's not easy to be hard with some people.

Cheers :)

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Nahiram,

Thank you for your comments. You would have quite a bit of experience with this as a Greeter and I can imagine it must be quite a hard job to deal with people who are just bent on causing trouble. You do an excellent job in sometimes tricky situations!

Janey :))