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Monday, 25 January 2010

Have A Little Ghost Music In Your Second Life

If you want that little bit of style to place your home above all the rest, even with a minimalist apartment or house, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful feature, and Eveshka Blackheart’s store has just the thing for you, she makes and sells the finest of musical instruments, a beautiful range of pianos. Whether you play the piano (there are animated piano stalls) or just want a piano as an elegant piece of furniture, Eveshka’s store ‘Ghost Music’ is the place to go. Each piano, ranging from a Ballroom piano to a Harpsichord, is very detailed and well crafted. Eveshka certainly knows her musical instruments and has painstakingly copied every detail. Of course, if you are not impressed with the tinkling of the ivories, there is also a brightly coloured drum kit for sale, just the thing for the virtual musician.

Janey Bracken

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