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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Guns n Roses In Hyde Park Attack!

It was all going really well at the Guns n Roses concert, the sim was full with avatars, I counted 67 at one time, and people were still trying to get in, it was another outstanding success for London Director Brie Janick!! However I missed some action, trying, as ever, to take photos, I kept crashing and when I returned observant Eveshka Blackheart sent me the news that an assault had taken place on the lead tribute singer Axl Rose! A man with a cosh had got onto the stage and promptly set about hitting Axl. Eveshka said there was blood everywhere!! Being quick Eveshka managed to get a picture of the assault and told me the perpetrator had been swiftly ejected and the show went on. Tribute singer Axl carried on bravely, in spite of a bit of a headache and loss of blood, to the cheers of the audience who were having a great time.

The man with the cosh even had the nerve to talk about his assault on group chat after the event, I wonder if he will be banned from future concerts, that would be a blow for him he wouldn’t be expecting!!

Janey Bracken

1 comment:

Hibiscus said...

Poor Axl, that's dreadful! I'm glad to see he recovered and continued on. Congratulations to the band and to Brie for another successful event.