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Monday, 11 January 2010

ABBA Concert and Street Party!

ABBA came to the Kensington in Virtual London, and since they are one of my favourite groups, I absolutely had to attend the concert, wearing my neon green, shiny jumpsuit! The concert was great, the tribute band from Stage One Productions played ABBA’s greatest hits, including Dancing Queen, Fernando, Waterloo and S.O.S. Lots of people must be ABBA fans because the sim was full, with at least 47 people at one point.

After the concert was over the fun continued with a 70’s street party outside the Greyhound Pub in Virtual Kensington. Brie Janick had gone all out with the decorations, which included a VW van, stylized flowers everywhere, ball chairs and lava lamps. It was fab. DJ Genevieve Gagnon played 70’s music, including disco and host cutewillow Carlberg made sure everyone had a great time.

Partygoers got into the spirit of the event, wearing 70’s outfits. Ed Follet was so inspired by the music and the shirt and tie he was wearing that he got up and danced on one of the cars parked outside the Greyhound. Seany1235 Blinker mesmerized or blinded everyone with his shiny silver outfit, round glasses and big hair. I think his hair must have been affected by the humidity in the sim because at one point it seemed to explode, engulfing his lovely and elegant bride-to-be Brie and a poor newbie who happened to be dancing nearby. It was not a sight you do not see every day.
And so ended another great party held in the Virtual Capital. Thanks to Brie Janick for organizing it (and thanks, Brie, for the landmark to the great retro store where I picked up my outfit), and to DJ Gen and cutewilllow for making the street party such a great success.

Hibiscus Hastings


Anonymous said...

had so much fun brie did a lovly job
on the decor and dj gen rockss that sexy moma
love cute xxx

Brie Janick said...

I had so much fun that night ..i was sining away in my chair was wsome.Thanks to cute & gen for helping to entertain everyone after the concert and the band coming to party with us afterwas great. II had a blast and was great to share with my friends and loved ones and thanks hibs for a great write up fab as always

Hibiscus said...

Thanks, cute and Brie, it was a great night, I was singing away too! You two, and Gen did a wonderful job. Brie, glad to see you weren't harmed by Seany's hair.

cutwillow said...

Brie did an amzing job withthe decor
shes is very good maken thigns lookd good she loves to help dectrate give ideas to me and barb
dj gen is The Best djs iknow
ilove worken with there
and dj brie
love you both lots cute

Janey Bracken said...

I had a really good time at the concert, and putting on a street party after was a brilliant idea. Thanks to Gen and Cute for doing such a wonderful job and a special thanks to Brie, who once again showed her professional organisation skills plus her designer talent with the marvelous 1970s sets she created.

Lovely article Hib!!

Ed Follet said...

A wonderful night and just what we needed at the end of a depressing week. Thanks to Brie, Gen and Cute, and thanks to you too Hibs for a lovely report :-))