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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Rez-idents Celebrate RezDays At The UGC

There was a joint party last night a the Underground Club as four Virtual London regulars celebrated their Rezdays. The popular four Brie Janick, Pink Bachem, Clive Hissop and Pumpkin Zenovka had a great time with all their friends. Brie was working however, and dj'd the event with Amourette Dubrovna hosting. Virtuall London (lite) would like to wish the fab four a very Happy Rezday each and may they have many many more!!!

Janey Bracken

Friday, 29 January 2010

Happy Rez Day Ruby

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish Ruby Creber a very Happy 3rd Rez Day. Ruby worked on her special day by hosting in the Underground Club where all her friends gathered to celebrate with her and wish her a great day.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Saturday Night Fever in Bogies Jazz Club

Saturday night saw Bogies Jazz Club in Virtual Mayfair playing host to the tribute Bee Gees band, courtesy of Stage One Productions. As proved with the other Virtual London concerts, the sim was packed out and it was a job to walk around because of lag, but once you made it inside Bogies you could enjoy all the classic Bee Gee hits and be immersed in the atmosphere in the club, which proved to be a very good venue for such concerts. Well done London Team once again for bringing us a great evening's entertainment!!
Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Fishy Tales At The Underground Club

The Underground Club in the SL Knightsbridge sim appeared like a scene from the Disney film 'The Little Mermaid' on Sunday evening. An 'Under the Sea' themed event was held with DJ Genevieve behind the decks and Amourette hosting. Many of the dancers swapped legs for Merfolk tails, yes there were at least 3 male avatars as well as scuba divers and a menacing looking shark. When all were synchronised with the dance chim, a most enchanting aerial ballet ensued. Thanks must go to all the staff at the club, who showed once again that they are dab hands who cod lay on a good event and the UGC is a cool plaice to be.

Ed Follet

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Touring Car in Virtual Mayfair

Saturday morning was lovely and sunny in the Mayfair sim, so I decided to go for a walk and admire the spring flowers that were popping up all over. I stopped to chat with Torric Rodas, who told me about the new touring car available for avatars to ride in and have a tour of Virtual Mayfair. The car can be found next to Hyde Park, and since it was such a beautiful day I decided to go for a spin.

After removing my ao (animation override) I hopped in and off we went. The car is a vintage Monarch Roadster, shiny red and glamorous. I felt like a film star as I drove through Mayfair, the only thing missing was my sunglasses. But never mind, I still looked pretty good behind the wheel, and the tour itself is very comprehensive, passing all the hotspots of the sim: The Coach and Horses, Bogie’s and Mayhem Club, as well as providing information on renting houses and commercial properties.
We wound up and down the streets of Mayfair at a good pace, with the informative narration describing the sights as we passed. Traffic was light so there were no delays, and with the wind blowing through my hair I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, which ended outside the Coach and Horses near a laneway filled with flowers, benches and signs advertising all the businesses in the sim. The tour was a lot of fun; I strongly suggest giving it a try. And if you want to feel like a celebrity just remember to wear your shades!

Hibiscus Hastings

Monday, 25 January 2010

Have A Little Ghost Music In Your Second Life

If you want that little bit of style to place your home above all the rest, even with a minimalist apartment or house, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful feature, and Eveshka Blackheart’s store has just the thing for you, she makes and sells the finest of musical instruments, a beautiful range of pianos. Whether you play the piano (there are animated piano stalls) or just want a piano as an elegant piece of furniture, Eveshka’s store ‘Ghost Music’ is the place to go. Each piano, ranging from a Ballroom piano to a Harpsichord, is very detailed and well crafted. Eveshka certainly knows her musical instruments and has painstakingly copied every detail. Of course, if you are not impressed with the tinkling of the ivories, there is also a brightly coloured drum kit for sale, just the thing for the virtual musician.

Janey Bracken

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A Real Romance - Brie and Seany

I’d heard some upsetting news last year, one of the nicest and happiest couples in SL had split up and it looked like it was final. I had been following Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker’s romance from my first meeting with them in Virtual London nearly two years ago. They had met and fallen in love and married in SL and they just seemed so right together, so it came as a shock to a lot of us that they had parted. I didn’t want to say much to either of them about what had happened, but I secretly hoped that they would get back together, and get back together they did! Their friends were delighted and New Year’s night there was even more wonderful news, Brie and Seany announced that they are to be married in real life. Brie was staying at Seany’s real home over the holidays when Seany popped the question. I asked them about their engagement and their very special Second Life/Real Life love story.

I wanted to know about the proposal, Seany said “I proposed to Brie, we both sat drinking a bottle of wine watching Big Ben and the fireworks. I was nervous and anxious. When Big Ben chimed midnight I got down on one knee and asked Brie to marry me. I was crying she was crying, was very emotional.” Brie agreed, saying “I was happily watching the tv we did the countdown together then I saw him move and get down on one knee, my heart stopped, I was thinking omg what’s he doing, then he asked me to marry him. And I was half crying half trying to talk. After we sealed the deal with chocolate cheesecake, what girl could refuse that!”
Had Brie any idea that Seany was going to propose? She said “I had no idea, was a complete shock.” Seany added “I had it planned before hand as I knew Brie was coming down to spend New Years with me. I had been thinking about it for a while but waiting for the right moment.”

Since they had already married in SL I wanted to know if a real wedding had always been in their thoughts, they told me “When we both first joined SL we said from day one this will never be real life. Looking back seems so long ago. Over time we knew we loved the person who was behind the avatar. We decided ok this is serious.” Brie said “He was the first person I thought of when I woke up and the last person I spoke to before I went to bed. I knew after a few weeks this guy is the man for me.” Seany told me “Marriage wasn’t anything we thought of to be honest, we knew we loved each other and wanted to be together forever. So I though ok I love this woman and I want to be with her for the rest of my life.”

I asked if being married in SL meant the same commitments as real life, Seany answered “The way I look at it, it doesn’t matter because I know the real Brie and that’s the person I see when I see her avatar. I am committed to her in SL and rl.” Brie continued “Yes the day we married on SL those vows I said felt real. I didn’t see Seany the avatar I saw the real life Seany.”

Asking them about the time they parted for a little while, I wanted to know how it felt to get back together again, they told me “We both went through a difficult time in our real lives and decided it was best to sort those out, but to be honest, we never were apart . We were always together in SL, always on the phone, but finally saying ok, I can’t be without u in my life, scared us and we will never be apart again.” I asked them if they thought the stresses of SL might have contributed to their parting, as they both work in Virtual London, Brie as a Director and Seany as a Manager. They said “Yes SL is very stressful more than Real life at times. With the jobs we have, sometimes the pressure is a lot. But we make sure that we have ‘us time’ everyday. In the beginning it was hard to separate the 2 but over time we have learned to say no it’s our time now.”

Getting back to that very important topic, the wedding, I wanted to know if they had set a date and what sort of wedding it would be. Brie said “Well we can’t have a church wedding because we are diff(erent) religions so location would be something we will sit and talk about. if Seany had his way we would have it in a kebab shop with kebabs for everyone to eat, but I'll put my foot down for that. The date we will be setting soon, Seany will be down here with me in Feb for a week and we will decide then.”

I asked them if they would be renewing their vows in SL, Brie said “On our 2nd anniversary on April 6th we will be renewing our vows. In the Kensington building as it’s my fav London building and designed by our dear friend TD (TD Reinard).” Brie said that they will also celebrate their real life engagement at the same time.

And what about the future when they are married in real life and have to log on to SL in the same home. Brie told me “Seanys just said u ain’t touching my pc tut tut he needs obedience school before the wedding I think lol. Yes we will be on SL, still on as it is a big part of our lives. He can just be in another room hahaha so I can’t nag him what u doing where are u, rofl.”
I went over to Brie and Seany’s virtual home to take some photos, and just as I suspected, it is beautiful and exquisitely decorated. Brie has her own gallery where she displays her SL photographs and she is a very gifted photographer. I wanted to know if they had similar tastes in d├ęcor and who chooses the colours and furniture. Brie said “I do it all, he just nods and agrees and says that’s nice dear. I’m always changing things in the house ..his response is always ‘will I come online and find a new house?’ as I change them like shoes. He says my inventory is where old houses go to die lol. In real life we have very similar tastes. I decorate and he agrees sshhh I didn’t say that lol.”

I asked them if they wanted to add anything, Brie said “Looking back from when we first started lol, especially our avatars ...what was we thinking lol, Seany’s first look was punk rocker. I think over the last years we have grown as people and as a couple. We don’t see the avatars we see each of the people there.” She added “I see Seany’s face when I look at him, strange. He’s my angel and my soul mate. I never thought I’d find true love again, but I say it found me lol. But what’s been amazing is that we have made some friendships for life and people have followed us really over the 2 years and supported us, for that we are truly thankful.”

Seany said “Meeting Brie in Second Life was the best thing in my life, getting to know her I found she was a warm hearted and caring person and it was not long before I found myself falling in love with her in rl, so when she said she felt the same I was so happy. Nearly 2 years on I thought it was time to pop the question and New Year’s eve seemed a perfect time to do it, she said yes and I was so happy, I cried, I love Brie with all my heart and always will she is my soul mate.”

Congratulations to Brie and Seany on their real life engagement, it was the most enchanting news ever to hear of their wedding plans as we celebrated the New Year, I wish them every happiness for the future.

Janey Bracken

Mass Fainting at the Underground Club

A medical Emergency was declared late last night at the Underground Club Knightsbridge. On arrival at the scene, emergency teams were at a loss to explain what had incapacitated the dancers. There were no obnoxious gasses present, and the possibility of a bad batch of Manager Seany's pasties was quickly ruled out. As the avatars started to revive the culprit was revealed. Popular DJ Genevieve Gagne had played the full 10 minute version of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic 'Free bird' not once, but twice at the end of her set. The frenzied playing of the would be 'guitar heroes' had caused a mass fainting. DJ Gen may face charges of public endangerment but happily everyone made a full recovery.
Ed Follet

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Guns n Roses In Hyde Park Attack!

It was all going really well at the Guns n Roses concert, the sim was full with avatars, I counted 67 at one time, and people were still trying to get in, it was another outstanding success for London Director Brie Janick!! However I missed some action, trying, as ever, to take photos, I kept crashing and when I returned observant Eveshka Blackheart sent me the news that an assault had taken place on the lead tribute singer Axl Rose! A man with a cosh had got onto the stage and promptly set about hitting Axl. Eveshka said there was blood everywhere!! Being quick Eveshka managed to get a picture of the assault and told me the perpetrator had been swiftly ejected and the show went on. Tribute singer Axl carried on bravely, in spite of a bit of a headache and loss of blood, to the cheers of the audience who were having a great time.

The man with the cosh even had the nerve to talk about his assault on group chat after the event, I wonder if he will be banned from future concerts, that would be a blow for him he wouldn’t be expecting!!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 18 January 2010

Rent a Shop in Trendy Westminster

The new Westminster sim is gradually taking shape and there are even a few shops you can rent, just imagine what a prestigious address Westminster would be for your business!! One of the new builds is the charming Piccadilly Arcade, which is directly opposite the ever-popular Burlington Arcade in virtual Mayfair. The real life versions are also found opposite either other and the Piccadilly Arcade runs between Piccadilly and Jermyn Street in London. The Piccadilly Arcade was designed by Thrale Jell and opened in 1909. There are sixteen classy shops in the real one, so lets hope we get some classy SL designers in our virtual arcade too. Of course the real Piccadilly Arcade is in a very pricey area of the real London and only sells high quality merchandise, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to shop in virtual London, those Linden dollars go a long way. If you fancy a shop in the Piccadilly or Burlington Arcades you can get a bargain for L$249 a week rent which will give you 30 prims for your display. So hurry before all the shop spaces go. For further details contact Torric Rodas in-world.
Janey Bracken

Friday, 15 January 2010

Guns 'n Roses Tribute In Virtual Hyde Park

Yet another great gig in virtual London! Tomorrow night at 2pm (slt) that's 10pm (UK) will see the great tribute band Guns 'n Roses taking the stage in Hyde Park. See you there for a great time!!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy RezDay Spurt!!

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish Spurt Renoir a very Happy RezDay, which he celebrated last night with all his friends in the Underground Club. May you have many more Spurt!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cops and Clubbers!

I went out on my rounds last night, keeping the streets safe in my policewoman uniform, complete with truncheon and handcuffs. As I proceeded down through Knightsbridge, I came across a rowdy crowd misbehaving in the Underground club, a den of iniquity if ever there was one! I proceeded with caution through the door of the club and a shocking sight met my eyes, there for all to see was an assortment of suspicious looking people, all in their work clothes. They must have skived off of work because of a bit of snow on the highways! Talking about snow, there was another police officer who was actually dancing instead of doing her duty, Snow Sweetwater was having a good time and had the nerve to look a lot better in her uniform than I did, that alone is an offence and I suspect it would incur a hefty fine of around 200 Lindens! I decided to just caution her on this occasion! Hostess Amourette Dubrovna still had her maids uniform on and was trying to control the crowd with a feather duster, it may work with cobwebs but not this drunken lot! Redstar Iwish was aiding and abetting Amourette by playing some outrageously good music that the boisterous rabble enjoyed so much they refused to go back to work! TXBarbara told everyone to "Shake It", I think they must have been trying to drop their stash hoping I wouldn’t see it. Then through the door came a career criminal in his striped prison outfit, Ed Follet, he was as bold as brass as he walked in. He was so good at being a cat burglar that he escaped before I could take his picture!! I had to rub my eyes as I spotted Eliza Sandalwood in the middle of the dance floor, she was a huntress and straight out of the film Avatar, no doubt she too should have been out hunting instead of having a good time in the UGC.

Reluctantly I got called away for a meeting with my Chief Constable. However, after the meeting I was called back to the club because someone had reported a punch up going on between Brie Janick and Al1 Dalglish. Luckily I arrived just in time to keep the peace and separate them! Seany1235 Blinker, who had taken over from Redstar to dj, sighed with relief as Brie and Al1 shook hands and made up! Another successful night on the beat in old virtual London Town!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Problems With Chatting and Never Get Timed Out Again!

If you are somewhere like the Underground or Mayhem clubs or the Coach and Horses in virtual London it’s good fun to join in the chat when you like, dance and relax, well that’s the idea anyway, I am finding life a little more difficult lately as I seem to get complete strangers IM me out of the blue, maybe they have read some of my stuff on the internet, who knows, or maybe they just want a chat, but dealing with three or four IM’s at a time isn’t one of my finest talents. Not wanting to be rude to people, I try to answer them, whilst hoping I don’t get the chat windows mixed up and answer the wrong person with the wrong response, but alas it does happen sometimes, and even worse it may come out in ordinary chat making me sound like a nutcase!! I’ve even said goodbye to people in the club because I only glanced at the local chat and thought they were leaving, when in fact, they were saying goodbye to someone who really was leaving! I believe we have all done that at some stage though; I can’t be alone in mixing chat windows up! That’s how it was last night, I couldn’t even listen to the music properly in the UGC, whilst talking to three of my friends and two new people who I had never laid eyes on before. I would imagine the London team and business people in SL suffer this IM stress all the time and some must cope better than others. I know I have suggested this before, but I think it is high time that the Lindens, bless ‘em, devised a method that allows one chat IM channel at a time to be open with a message to other people trying to get through that says ‘sorry IM engaged, please try later’. I know you can say to the people “sorry I can’t chat now” as I had to one of my friends last night, but it always seems bad manners and like a snub, but it truly isn’t. So limiting IMs to one at a time would solve that problem. Conferencing isn't always very good either as chat lag seems to be rife whilst using that. Another problem is, with all the IM tabs open with people talking to you, you may miss an IM from someone because the tab is hidden and you have spent all evening not answering because you were unaware that they were there! So please excuse me if I don’t answer you if you send an IM, the system doesn’t really work very well for me!

A handy tip I picked up on my travels to a scripting centre the other day, is how you can leave your avatar dancing in the club whilst going off and eating your tea and you won’t get logged out. You will need the Advanced Menu in your top bar, so if it’s not showing that’s Ctrl Alt together with D (Ctrl Option D for Mac users), then from Advanced click on Character then Character tests, and uncheck Go Away/AFK When Idle. You will find your avatar stays around. I would imagine this could open up a whole new world to ‘camping’ (earning Linden dollars by sitting or dancing somewhere), as people won’t have to keep coming back and giving their ‘mouse’ a hefty rattle to wake up their av before getting logged off by being timed out.

There were some tips for reducing lag too, under Edit, Preferences, then Graphics you can click the custom box in the right hand corner and reset your options to low in the various settings as well as setting the graphics slider to it’s lowest point too. I tend to raise it to High or Ultra when I am taking photos but then reducing it again to get around SL. I still crash though, but I think that is me junking up my computer, just like my inventory, it’s out of control! I sometimes have loads of windows open on my desktop as well and that’s just asking for trouble!

I’m off now to create a floating text sign that says ‘Sorry if I’m not answering you in IM, I’m just having a nervous breakdown’

Janey Bracken