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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Spotlight on........UGC Hostess Amourette Dubrovna

I was in SL Knightsbridge’s Underground Club (UGC), recently when it was announced that the scheduled hostess wasn’t going to make it. Luckily another dedicated staff member was in the club off duty and offered to fill the breach. That avatar was glamorous Amourette Dubrovna and I resolved to find out more about this popular Hostess. I started by asking Amourette (she likes to be called Am) how she came to be involved with the club: - "It was probably about a year ago that I found the club, I liked the music and just found myself going back until I became part of the community, now I feel like I belong, All my friends know it's my favourite place to hang out, so they often come for a dance there too."

I then asked Am how she came to be a hostess: - "I had mentioned to Seany Blinker (the UGC manager) that I was interested in getting more involved in London some way, and he suggested I apply for a hostess job. The club is not too big and it's a nice comfortable space. There are lots of fun contests, and the big events are always brilliant. But I also like the days when it's just about enjoying good music and great company. I've gotten to know the familiar faces and met some lovely new people there too. I've been working at the UGC for about 4 months now."

Next I asked Am about her views on SL London: - "My favourite thing is the regular community that inhabit London and I love being a part of that. I think that more things to do with your friends would be good and more interesting places to visit. Some botanical gardens or a big art gallery, where the community are encouraged to submit their pictures and sculptures. My home in not in SL London because I need a space where I can build. But overall I love the London Sim, I find it a very warm and friendly place."

I asked Am about what she does when she is not at the UGC: - "There is so much to do in SL I'll try almost anything. I've been to waterslide parks, tried to play tennis, been roller blading, even hopping about on my space hopper. One of the things I have enjoyed the most is swimming as a mermaid, there are some beautiful underwater sims. I don't do role-play but I do like themed events and dressing up. I went to Zombie Fest with my best friend Snow Sweetwater this year. Without doubt my favourite sim apart from London is ‘Jaded Wings - A Dark Fairies Dream’.
This place is really beautiful with the most fantastic lightening storms and rainfall and a quiet, dark and seductive atmosphere. It has lots of secret nooks and crannies, great if you like to explore or take pictures, I find something new there every time I go back."

Building was mentioned by Am earlier, I asked her about that: - "Another of my UGC friends taught me how to make my first block and from then on I was hooked, I find building very relaxing and absorbing. At the moment I enjoy building homes and I’ve built a store for my friend Snow, I intend to explore more building options in the future. It would be great to learn to make some of my own clothes, and maybe even get a business started in SL."

Thank you Amourette for your interesting answers. I’m sure that all of the UGC patrons and your friends in SL London will join me in wishing you good luck with your future ventures.

Ed Follet


HotStuff said...

Hiya Am lovely to read your story you are a mega host!!!! lol sorry i havnt been around stil having probs!!! miss you all guys happy new year love ya xxx

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Hots,

Hurry back, we all miss you!! SL isn't the same without you and Nils dancing the night away at the UGC!! Happy New Year!

Janey xxx

Amourette said...

Happy New Year Hots ... you are very much missed ... hurry back : )

Nahiram Vaniva said...

Hey Ed! another good story! I love this thread of "Spotkigh on..." we get to know more of the people we interact with at the UGC and SL London!!

Am..! such a lovely hostess... you do a great job :))))

Keep up with the good job!


Ed Follet said...

Thankyou Hots, Janey, Am amd Nahi, the best stories are the ones about the wonderful people that make up our vibrant SL London community. The VL(l) team are planning plenty more of 'Spotlight on....' features for the coming year.

Ed :-))