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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

SL Present Buying!

As the festivities get under way in Virtual London, you can feel the same worries creeping into SL that you can in real life with sending cards and buying presents for your SL friends and loved ones.

Virtual London has an amazing array of shops with lots of things to pick from in the prezzies department! It’s still hard to get what you think the person would like though. Clothes, I suppose, are an easy option, we have so many great designers, even for the boys, the fashions are looking a lot better than they used to! Lots of shops do vouchers now, so that you can just buy a voucher and let your friend choose his or her own styles, which is a good idea. If you want to secretly change your loved ones looks, but don’t have the nerve to tell him or her, you could buy them a new skin or shape, but this is a bit risky! Someone might like being a furry and not take too kindly to being given a David Beckham look-alike skin and shape! Same with hair, it’s a bit dicey; best give them the cash or a voucher and let them choose. If you can’t see that the shop has vouchers, and you want to surprise the person with your gift, you can always send a message to the shop owner and ask him if he will send the gift direct, once you have paid for the item.

There are quite a few gifts to choose from, horses you can ride are very popular, or animal avatars, pet dogs, cats or birds, if animals take your fancy. For someone special there are fantastic jewellery shops, maybe it’s that time of the year to pop the question to your girlfriend/boyfriend, the SL engagement rings are so realistic!

Of course you could always make your own gifts from a few well crafted prims, but my building in SL always seems to have dodgy corners, just like my gift wrapping in real life! Everyone else’s always looks all neat and tidy, it must be an art!

Whatever you buy, I’m sure the person will love the thought that goes behind it, it really is a nice time to show people you care and are thinking about them!!

Janey Bracken

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