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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Inventory tips!

It’s just amazing how much stuff people collect in their inventories when they come into SL and I’m ashamed to say that mine is exploding with junk and items I’ve bought and forgotten about! As I stood in our virtual Kensington office the other day I started looking for Christmas things to show Hibiscus and Ed and I suddenly realised I had loads of Christmas decorations, fir trees and other Christmas bits, lots of them being duplicated, because each time I rezzed them, they left a copy in my inventory when I took them back again. I found an interesting vehicle that I never even knew I had, it was a giant Santa Hat and I rezzed it outside the office and jumped on board. I gave a copy to Hibiscus and Ed as well, but Ed hopped on the edge of my hat and Hibiscus rezzed her own and zoomed off into the London Streets. I took Ed for a ride and Hib disappeared all together, only to tell us that she was lodged in a wall somewhere! Well it was one of those things that looked really comical and I’ve no idea who even gave it to me!!

Well that was just one of many pieces of junk that I have kept and at last I am getting to grips with sorting out my inventory as I buy stuff, but shamefully the rest is out of control and I need quite a bit of time to delete all the other unwanted items. Hibiscus and Ed seem pretty well organised, but even Hib said she has trouble sorting it all, she did tell me a handy hint though, and that is to open your inventory and from ‘File’ at the top you can click to create another ‘window’ so you have two lots of inventories on your screen. You can create new folders from the ‘Create’ part of the menu and click on them to rename them. Once you have made a folder you can drag and drop the new items (or old items) from the original window over to the new folder in the new window. New items appear under the ‘Recent’ tag so when you rename the new folder and put an item into it, the folder will appear there too, making it easy to drag any new purchases into it.

So if I buy anything now, I make sure I rename a new folder and put the item in there, as often the makers name on the folder I have just bought is a bit obscure as to what the item is, and sometimes I can’t find it again, i.e. If I’m buying stiletto shoes I put them in a folder plainly marked ‘stiletto shoes’ so I can easily find them again.

If you want to see what you are wearing you can open your inventory and type ‘worn’ in the top of the window and this will bring up a list of all the things that you have on, including your skin, shape and hair. It’s handy to write all your main things down in case you try something new on, like a skin demo, and then can’t find your original skin again to put it back on. A good idea is to click on your avatar and keep a list of important items in the notes part of your profile. You can also create a folder in your inventory and copy or drag the important items like skin into it and rename it so you can find the items all in one folder. A quick way of getting dressed is to drag a folder straight from your inventory onto your avatar, instead of opening the folder and clicking on each item to wear it.

I am really the last person to be telling you all this, as my inventory is bulging at the seams, but I do try to organise new stuff now and this might help if you are a newbie and then you won’t get in a state like I have!! Anyway if anyone wants a flying Santa Hat give me a call and I’ll send one over!!

Janey Bracken


Amourette said...

I cant thank you enough for the tip about opening the second inventory window to help sort things out ... my untidy inventory has been torturing me for months ... not I'm going to get it sorted!

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Am,

Hibiscus told me about opening the second inventory window, it made all the difference to me as well, so many thanks to Hib!!

Janey x

Nahiram Vaniva said...

Great tips, Janey and thanks to Hibs. I also have lots of items in my inventory, and have recently cleared a lot that were repeated. What I did was to type a key word in the slot on top then I checked the names and deleted what I wanted; I did this with "blings" and "stilletos" ...ggrrr I didnt like them. He he.

Janey Bracken said...

Good tip Nahiram, thanks for sharing and if anyone else has some handy tips it would be lovely if they would let us know too! So you are not keen on Stilettos and bling, lol, I remember being a newbie and being pleased with Stilettos with bling!! what a dreadful thought now!! glad to say my tastes have changed!!!

Janey x