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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Happy Rez Day Nahiram

London rose and Venezuelan beauty Nahiram Vaniva celebrated her first rez day at the Underground Club in SL Knightbridge last night. Virtually London (lite) joins all her friends in SL London in offering congratulations and hoping that she had a great day.

Ed Follet


Hibiscus said...

Hi Nahiram, sorry to have missed your rez day, hope you had a great time. Best wishes.

Janey Bracken said...

Wishing you a very Happy Rezday Nahiram, I hope you had a lovely time!

Janey x

Nahiram Vaniva said...

oohhh Thaaanks!!!:)Hibs and janey XoX. Yes, I had a very lovely celebration at the UGC and enjoyed it a lot :)

Thanks, Ed for the post... and the must have taken you a great effort since I was dancing there .. LOL


Anonymous said...

Happy Rez Day Nahiram. It is lovely to have you in London. You are a real shining star for us all here.

Drumbo Buccaneer said...

Happy Rezday Nahiram!

best wishes


Nahiram Vaniva said...

Thanks a lot, Deb, for your kind words... I love SL London (and the real as well) Chelsea had been my home form the beginning ... and Big Ben my den.


Nahiram Vaniva said...

Hey Drumbo, thanks!! ... nice to see you here :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Rez Day!!!


Ed Follet said...

Nahiram has now joined Issa as a trainee hostess at the UGC, is there no end to this girls talents!!!

Well done Nahi, you will be a grrreat addition to the crew. :-))