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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Crazy River Dance Down The Coach And Horses

After all that food and drink Christmas day, what would I find myself doing? well going down the local for a another drink! Yes it was the Coach and Horses in virtual Mayfair! Fellow reporter Ed Follet, who was already there, asked me to come over and join in the fun. A lively crowd were in the bar, including Torric, Billy and new pub hostess Iona Bonham. Iona did a great job by streaming music requests from You Tube into the pub, there is a giant screen above the bar that you can watch. For some reason someone started to do the River Dance jig, and next thing the whole pub was joining in! Iona may have started it with an Irish folk style version of a Christmas Carol that she played, followed on by the actual River Dance itself, it was hilarious to watch! Virtual London Director Torric, always the first to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, even pole danced while the rest of us jigged around the outside. A crazy Christmas night, and I'm glad I didn't miss it! Also congratulations to Iona on her hostess job in the pub!

Janey Bracken

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Ed Follet said...

Lol Janey, every time River Dance Video was played everybody spontaneously started doing the dance and you could hear a stampede of pattering feet in the background. It was so funny to watch and hear. Thanks to Torric, Billy, Iona and the rest of the Mayfair gang for providing a refuge when the rest of London was closed. :-))