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Friday, 27 November 2009

TimeLords of Virtual Mayfair

Dr Who, that famous TimeLord of the cult television series must have a job shopping, in fact he must have to search the Universe to pick up bits and pieces for his spaceship if he needs spare parts. Well he need look no further! if a handle has fallen off one of the Tardis’s controls, or he needs a new nut and bolt for his dematerialiser because it’s all getting a bit rusty, he can find just what he wants in Virtual Mayfair.

There is a shop called TimeLords of London @ Mayfair, London, W1, owned by Yoshiko Fazuku, which will be a favourite, not only with Dr Who himself, but with the many Dr Who fans who inhabit SL. Go along and see if you can kit yourself out as a TimeLord and travel through space and time for some fun!
Janey Bracken

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