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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Re-Development Of The Chelsea Sim

While everyone enjoys visiting Virtual London, there is a great deal work that goes on behind the scenes. Anyone exploring London would have seen that most of the Chelsea sim has been raised to the ground and the area has started to be re-developed with roads beginning to appear again.
I met up with Virtual London Director Torric Rodas and he told me that the re-developed sim will actually be joined to Virtual Mayfair. Torric said “most of our time is working out where our roads are going to be in the new sim and working exits out from this one (Mayfair).” He continued “We now know that coming out of here, at the top by Piccadilly, we will have Haymarket leading into Whitehall.” Torric added “opposite Burlington Arcade we will have Duke Street, but... I have to rename Dover Street in Mayfair to Park Lane for this all to work lol.”

Torric has been overtaken by his own success with Virtual Mayfair, making it an area that is full to capacity with people renting houses and shops, so he intends to have the same ratio of shops and business premises in the new sim as an overspill from the very popular Mayfair. Torric told me “wot we're gonna do is tidy up all the areas in Chelsea and get the roads in, so we have a working grid and then move it over.” I asked how long it would take before the sim is finished, he said “I think we're looking at least 8 to 12 weeks.”

The builders are TD Reinard and Billy Arentire, Torric said they already had a working map to use. Torric told me that although he is now a Virtual London Executive, he really enjoyed the salesman side of things “I teach sales teams now” he told me and said he wished he had more candidates to teach in SL. I would think anyone interested in making their sim viable would do well to purchase ‘sales courses’ from Torric, he has certainly the experience and expertise to offer advice on sim enterprise and management.

As you may remember, in the past we had a great deal of trouble with the roads in Virtual London, some were unfinished and others where a hotchpotch of textures. Well that is one thing that will now be sorted. Torric told me “at loooong last, we're standardising all the London roads, what Bill and TD are doing is standardising their textures too. They can use the same roof, but colour it slightly differently, and use it over and over. The result is that it will rezz much quicker for everyone. Its these thousands of different textures that makes everyone chug.”

I asked about the entertainment in the new sim and Torric said he hoped for one club and possibly a new pub type venue.
After talking about the new sim, Torric took me over to see a new courtyard garden in Mayfair, it’s a teleport landing area, (although you can still click on the map and land where you like if you want to), this little central area is a good idea, it has many of the shops and places of interest indexed there on the wall and it’s in a very pretty little garden with camping for newbies as well. At the moment though, Torric doesn’t have enough space to index all the shops and businesses that now make Mayfair their base. I can only say that this signifies Torric’s great success in bringing in trade to make Mayfair a viable and profitable SL sim, something that is probably quite a rarity in the grid. Mayfair well deserves its place in the Showcase pages of Second Life thanks to Director Torric Rodas and his team.

Janey Bracken


Brie Janick said...

I cant wait for the new sim we will be great a sim to join Mayfair and Knighsbridge .Torric is a greatmemeber of the team and also a very good friend who i enjoy working with and things will be bigger and better for London with the team we have in palce ...Rock on Tor

Ed Follet said...

It's always sad when something familiar changes or disappears but we can be sure that its replacement will be as good or better. Each of the sims has its own feel and character, bearing the 'stamp' of the managers and builders. I hope the new sim compliments (but is not the same as) Mayfair in the way that Kensington fits nicely with Knightsbridge. Still looking forward to the day when there something on the north side of Hyde Park - Paddington? and at a stretch St Johns Wood and Abbey Road.