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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

One Man's Spam is Another Man's Chat

Someone suggested that they call them the ‘Hi’ group, yes the London Group Chat that suddenly springs into life as you wander about in SL. I must admit, I don’t always join in, but sometimes leave it running to see if anything of interest is talked about, and it amazes me that quite often discord sets in and people get angry with each other, or just one group member will want to cause a bit of friction with the others. It always starts off nicely enough with ‘Hi London!’ or just ‘Hi’. Occasionally you get something obscure like ‘Help I’m having a terrible time’ for the first line, then people jump in, dead curious to know what is wrong, and then kindly, actually offering to help, but quite often the person who asked for help doesn’t reply, keeping the others hanging on a thread to see how many people they can get worrying about them.
You get some who join in the chat just to be offensive of course, they start off just arguing, but soon result to using bad language and you just sit there knowing that a manager is going to put an end to their stay any minute, as he or she boots them out of the group and the happy chat among the others carries on as if the offensive person had never existed. One lady the other day had been banned from SL London and decided to try to plead her case for un-banning over the chat channel, I found myself feeling a bit sorry for her, as her pleas fell on deaf ears. She carried on and on telling everyone that she did not know why she had been banned and asking for forgiveness. It did turn into a little over-kill in the end though, as everyone, including me, wondered why she did not take it up privately with the person who banned her, but then again I suppose this wouldn’t bring the same attention that she craved.

The chats very rarely turn into ‘in-depth’ topics, and if they do I get the impression that some of the ‘hi’ or ‘where you from’ people aren’t all that happy about it, as they accuse the people having the conversation of ‘spamming’ the chat channel. I suppose the topic being talked about doesn’t appeal to them, so they try to stop it. London Group chat gets used as an emergency line as well with shouts of ‘Can a manager come over to Hyde Park, there’s guy with a gun!’ and other such distress calls, so it’s quite handy for that.

Saying I seldom join in is true, but yesterday I did and then wished I hadn’t bothered. The talk on this occasion had turned into an actual subject, they were talking about religion, a dangerous topic anyway in open chat, as like politics, people get fired up attacking each other over their individual beliefs. I just listened as they talked about God and his existence, then a bit later, our gentleman of Virtual London, Gerr Finesmith chipped in, changing the subject completely and asked had we seen the peacock that lives in the gardens at the top of the Kensington building, as it was worth seeing. No one answered him, so I did, as I had seen the fine bird walking about up there displaying his plumage, and he is worth going to see. After telling Gerr that I had seen it, one of the previous talkers suddenly attacked me verbally telling me to leave the ‘stage’ as I ‘suck’. “I do?” I asked, never having met the avatar who was attacking me, “yes you do” he replied. “Ok then, if you say so” I said thinking, well everyone is entitled to their opinions and if he thinks I ‘suck’ for one reason or another he can carry on thinking it. You can’t always be everyone’s cup of tea and I’m pretty thick skinned, so can ignore those sort of remarks.

I carried on a bit talking to Gerr then noticed that the avatar who insulted me was IM’ing me privately. He asked me if I had been trying to preach to the people in the group and if I went to church. I had no idea what he was talking about, as I hadn’t said anything other than talking about the peacock, and I told him that I hadn’t said anything about religion and was at a loss to see how the peacock had caused all this trouble. He suddenly swore at his own mistake, and I realised he had got the wrong person, and so did he! He offered me a blueberry muffin as if that would make up for it, it made me laugh though, I can only hope that he pays more attention to the dialog in future before he makes a personal attack in group chat.

When I first joined the London group, chat was not allowed at all as the manager in charge in those days strictly told everyone that they must not use the channel just to talk, it was only there for emergencies. How times have changed! But I think it’s a good thing, a bit of gossip and a friendly ‘Hi’ somehow makes the day more interesting and you do pick up some good tips by listening to other people, plus you might even make some good friends if you join in.

Did I accept the blueberry muffin? No, I told the avatar that I had enough rubbish in my inventory, adding to the 20,000 items was not a good idea, but I’ll cover another article about ‘out of control’ inventories some other time, which reminds me, I must delete some stuff, wonder if anyone in group chat has any good ideas about it……..

Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

I must check out that bird at the Kensington Building Janey, you know how I admire fine plummage! lol.

Janey Bracken said...

Yes Ed, I do know how much you appreciate good plummage, hehe

Janey x