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Monday, 23 November 2009

Nickelback Tribute Goes Down a Storm in London

The eagerly awaited Nickelback Tribute concert took place in the SL Knightsbridge Sim on Saturday Night to rapturous applause and cheering. Appreciative fans were treated to a medley of hits from the dynamic Canadian rockers who were on stage for over an hour. Thanks are due once again to Knightsbridge manager Brie Janick and all the SL London team who brought us another fantastic evenings entertainment.

After the brilliant Queen show last month and this gig, we have to wait only another 3 weeks for Brie to complete a fabulous ‘hat trick’. The Bon Jovi tribute band are booked to perform on Saturday 12th December in SL Knightsbridge at 2pm SLT. Surely not to be missed and with more gigs promised for Christmas and the New Year, SL London is definitely the place for die-hard rock fans to be.

Ed Follet


Janey Bracken said...

Great pictures and article Ed! It was a really good night and a big thank you to Brie and the London Team!

Janey x

HotStuff said...

Oh wow what a great time we had, heard someone say there was 77 people there? Thankfully i only went to crashville once lol. The band were great and i loved every track they played! Well done brie another super fantastic mega night in town!!

Hotsey xxx

Brie Janick said...

Thanks you janey and Hotsyyyy i had such a blast at the concert singing away in my chair.... Look out for more concerts to come including The Beatles,Abba, Guns N Roses and The Bee Gees and also if anyone has ideas for bands they would like to see please get in touch
Brie Janick -London Team