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Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween In Virtual London

There is an old Roger Miller song that starts off “England swings like a pendulum do” and that was certainly true of Virtual London on Halloween night, when there were not one but two great parties rocking the sims. Avatars took the opportunity to don scary costumes and live out their fantasies (because otherwise no one ever dresses up in SL) in a way that can’t be done safely in RL.

I started off my evening at the Mayhem Club where DJ Damien Fadlan and host Tayla Tigerfish made sure that everyone in the packed club had a great time. Cobwebs festooned the room, which was made to look like a haunted graveyard, complete with tombstones and flashes of lightening. Halloween related music such as “Monster Mash”, “Beetlejuice”, “Halloween vs Nightmare on Elm Street” and music from “The Exorcist” was played as avatars danced and spun and twisted the night away. It was quite a site, blood soaked women, a man on fire, witches, dark angels, and skeletons had taken over the club and were celebrating. Mayhem was the word!

Making my way over to the Underground Club, I discovered that it, too, was inhabited by a similarly sinister looking crowd. The graveyard theme continued here, with headstones scattered around the room along with skulls and spiderwebs. Brie Janick, as the Corpse Bride, presided as DJ. Her assistant, cutewillow Carlberg displayed a similar pallor, as did many of the avatars present, which is what happens, I suppose when you only come out once and year, and then at night. Jaunty looking jack o’lanterns grinned up from the floor at everyone dancing and enjoying themselves. Witches, skeletons, blood spattered women, Batman, Michael Jackson and even the Grim Reaper partied to the “Monster Mash” (it isn’t an official Halloween party without that), music from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Ballroom Blitz”, among other classics.

What a night – skeletons rattling their bones, chainsaws, witches, black cats, superheroes and cheesy music – good thing we have the rest of the year to recover.

Hibiscus Hastings


Anonymous said...

I have to love any article that has Roger Miller reference!!!!

Now if we can only find one from Ray Stevens!!


_ Drax

Janey Bracken said...

I just Googled 'Ray Stevens', never heard of him before, but found him on youtube! He did have a hit in the UK called 'The Streak'

Janey x

Drumbo Buccaneer said...

Sadly, I remember 'The Streak'....

Hibiscus said...

Hi, thanks for your comments. For some reason that Roger Miller song just popped into my head, it was happy and upbeat, which is how I found the sims to be last Saturday night. As for Ray Stevens, he did "The Streak" and also a song called "Everything is Beautiful", I don't know if that was a reference to "The Streak" or not!

Anonymous said...

Guitarzan is one of my fave Ray Stevens songs - Ahab the Arab is also very good!!


Janey Bracken said...

I will have to look those up on YouTube Drax!!

Janey x