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Monday, 30 November 2009

The Greyhound Re-Opens!

There was a great party last night at the re-opening of the Greyhound Public House in Virtual Kensington. Although I reported recently that the pub had acquired a new Landlady, it seems that things did not work out as expected. Luckily our very own Cutewillow Carlberg, one of the most popular hostesses from the Underground Club, has stepped into the role and will now be running the legendary Kensington pub. The atmosphere was brilliant with terrific music and friends dropping in. Hotstuff Gothly, Ed Follet and Wiccy Shackleton all brought their guitars along for a jamming session, and Nils Tomorrow sang at the mic for us.

Congratulations Cute, I'm looking forward to a lot more parties down the Greyhound!

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to try it!!!

- Drax

Janey Bracken said...

It will be a lot of fun with Cute running things, I'll even buy you one of those Margaritas that Hib drinks, one should be enough to last you the night (Hib keeps hiding it lately though, I think she must be embarrassed about the size of the glass!)

Ed Follet said...

It was a great opening night and Cute is a lovely host with lots of entertaining ideas. If last night was anything to go by the pub is going to have a rock/metal music identity and dead handy for the VL(l) office too. Flippin' Marvelous!

Hibiscus said...

Hi Cute, congratulations, it was a great opening party!
(I am studiously ignoring Janey's post)

Janey Bracken said...


HotStuff said...

Congratulations Cute best of luck with your new job!!! What a fab night we all had, expect me in for a few freebiessss lol love ya xx

Rock said...

Mmmmm. My sources in London tell me this is the umpteenth (I hope that is the correct British saying) time this pub/club has re-opened.

I sincerely hope the newest owner does well

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Rock,

If you read back on the blog you will see that another landlady had intended to take the Greyhound on,see, but I assume things never really got off the ground as I can't recall she had an official opening night, so Cutewillow, a well established virtual Londoner stepped into the role and I'm sure she will make it a big success. Preceding the first landlady mentioned, the virtual pub was run by Kwame Oh who actually was the Landlord of the real life Greyhound Pub in Kensington (Julius Sowu in real life). Julius has taken over another pub in the real Kensington area and is busy with real life, he is also the Marketing Director of Debs Regent's Virtual London Company, Virtually Linked, so he does not have a lot of time for in-world events.

Janey :))