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Monday, 16 November 2009

Grand Opening of Jazz Funk Club

Is SL getting really laggy lately or is it just me? I had a crashing time at the club opening Saturday night, nothing to do with the Jazz Funk Club, it was a lovely evening enjoyed by all, just me and my computer having trouble trying to take photographs. I crashed out every time I tried to take a picture! Luckily for me my friend Drax Ember was able to take some photos, thank you Drax!

The night opened with singer Reno Segall taking to the stage, Reno did a great job with his mix of rock and country music and people loved him, he made the first night go with a swing! The Kensington venue is ideal for the club as it’s an elegant and romantic setting with its Art D├ęco interior (once again brilliantly built by TD Reinard). Club owner Almo Skytower was there to oversee the proceedings and make sure everything ran smoothly, glass of champagne in hand, he looked very cool and relaxed.

Everyone had dressed for the part in their beautiful ball gowns and tuxes, I managed to come back each time to have a bit of fun. After the splendid Reno sang we settled down to some groovy streamed Jazz club music and couples and singles danced the night away.

I can’t wait to go back once SL decides it’s going to be good to me. Do yourself a favour, drop in the Jazz Funk Club and have a great night out and listen to some brilliant music too!

Janey Bracken

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