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Friday, 20 November 2009

Flying Around London!

I've tried driving around Virtual London in my car, Hibiscus always says what a bad driver I am, but I don't know, I think it's her back-seat driving that puts me off, ok, I crashed into a few buildings with Hib in the passenger seat, but no one was hurt! I've tried my push bike too, but that's not as much fun and a bit slow, also I'm not that good with a motor bike, well actually, I was totally out of control with that, so I quickly put it away before I found myself in the middle of the Mayhem Club running all the clubbers over!

Well I may have solved my transport problem, I was given a 'Slea-Z-boy' flying machine to try out by good friend and inventor Alphonso Pidgeon, I am testing it for a few days before I plan to write up on its performance, which I will do in 'Our Virtual Trilogy'. I decided to try it around the London sims to see how it would perform and it's really good so far, so if you see a mad person zooming around the streets it's only me! The vehicle follows your camera so that you can zoom onto something with your cam and it takes you right there!

It does loads of things too, you can even rez a sky platform to build stuff and it gives you the ultimate protection against griefers while you are sitting on it. It also gives you the ability to fight back, but I have been testing that in a sandbox well away from Virtual London!

I'm still a bit dodgy at times, so sorry if I get too close to you, I am trying to master this as it's a great way to travel! Alphonso told me that even one of the Lindens has one, so I am in good company. Hibiscus will be relieved though, it only has one seat!
Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

So that's the chair you've been telling me about! It looks like fun, I want to try it soon!

- Drax

Hibiscus said...

That looks really great! Scary (for the rest of us), but great!

Janey Bracken said...

The chair is great fun, you can even change the colour of the jets and lights if you want, so at least people will see me coming! well if I don't knock them over by mistake first, lol!

Ed Follet said...

You need a flying helmet and googles Janey, come to think of it flashing hazard lights and a siren might be a good idea too! lol.

Janey Bracken said...

Hey Ed, you and Hibs are ganging up on me!! mind you the flashing lights are a good idea, hehe

Janey :)