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Friday, 6 November 2009

Fireworks in the Park, and Guy's on the Loose!

Bonfire Night in Virtual Hyde Park attracted one of the biggest crowds yet, I counted 86 avatars at one time and they had come to see a brilliant show! Although it was a bit like walking through treacle with the lag, because of so many people there, it didn't spoil the night's events, which started with the wonderful Mapoo Little, the singer that Virtual London loves and has made their own! Mapoo belted out her songs in her usual sexy energetic style and people adored her!

The fireworks soon started after Mapoo's performance but lag in the sim got worse as more people filled the area. One of the organisers decided to re-start the Hyde Park region to ease the lag and asked people to come back in 5 minutes. People did return and were treated to the amazing firework display which looked really pretty. Well done to the Virtually London team for pulling it off in difficult circumstances, sometimes when something is so popular SL calls the shots and we have to make the best of things (I crashed a couple of times too, so sorry I didn't get any pictures of the rockets as my cam refused to move skyward!).

By the way, I have no idea who they were burning on the bonfires, but I spotted Guy Fawkes (courtesy of our very own Gerr Finesmith!) walking around the park, so it looks like Mr Fawkes is on the loose again (watch out Parliament, he may be coming to get you!)

Janey Bracken

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