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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Debs Regent on Dating Show

There was a notice put out to the London group Sunday night inviting people over to see Virtual London owner and founder Debs Regent taking part in a Dating Contest! Well we decided to go and see what it was all about, so Hibiscus, Ed and I teleported over to The Dating Casino studio and we arrived and made ourselves comfortable. We were soon joined by Brie Janick, Pink Bachem, Billy Arentire and Malburns Writer, plus many others who had come to see the fun.

Debs was already at her place on the stage as one of the contestants, and the show was hosted by sexy voiced Lovey Foxtrot. There were three ladies and three gentlemen playing the game and Lovey asked them a set of questions, giving them a choice of answers to pick from. Then they had to explain why they had chosen the answer they had gone for. Debs was thrown in at the deep end as she was asked the very first question of the show, but she did well with her answers and was a natural on stage. It can’t have been easy with all the banter from the audience as well. The idea was to see which gentleman was compatible with which lady, at least I think that’s how it worked! And it was clear from the beginning that one of the contestants, Xavier Midal thought that he was most compatible with lady contestant Dilana Llwellyn as he hinted at this all the way through.
Dilana and Llwellyn won the contest and came to the front of the stage for a very long kiss as the audience cheered.
I saw Debs yesterday and I asked her if she had enjoyed going on the show, she told me that she had, very much so! She said that being the first one to be asked a question, she had no time to think about the answer. So Debs did really well and we all had a great time watching!

(The Dating Casino, Love Dome(66, 223, 752)
Janey Bracken

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