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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Crumbs! A Christmas Pudding Race

It was sheer craziness last night in virtual Mayfair!! I had read on the notices that there was to be a Christmas Pudding race at 2pm near the Coach and Horses. I sat chatting to fellow reporter Ed Follet in our office in Kensington and suddenly realised that it was a couple of minutes passed 2pm. Ed and I rushed over, and by the time Mayfair had rezzed the race was over. I just saw Debs Regent, inside a Christmas Pudding, racing off into the distance shouting out that she thought she had won! I tried to take a picture of her, but she was too fast, the pudding, complete with a custard topping sped off before I could get a shot in. Luckily Debs, Virtual London Director Torric Rodas and Coach and Horses Landlord Wiccy Shackleton had taken some pictures and kindly gave them to me to use (main picture above).

There was a lot of talk about who was the winner as we gathered outside the pub, and then Wiccy announced that it was Artemis22 Clowes, well done Artemiss22, it must have been a tough race trying to steer a Christmas Pudding along the street!

We had lots of excuses from the runners up, Debs said she lost the race because she took the photograph, or she would have won! Alt Lexington said he completely lost control and gave up! Eveshka Blackheart said she had lapped everyone, but took the wrong route! And spirit Bigboots said she got stuck in a rubbish bin and teleported back (those bins in Virtual London that invite newbies to search through them for gifts!). I think TD Reinard lost his pudding somewhere along the way, but I’m not too sure!

The fun didn’t end there, Torric rezzed a carousel and Debs and Torric jumped right on. Torric had it set on the fastest speed and we all tried to jump on board, I ended up on a giant butterfly and Ed, for some reason, ended up standing casually in the middle, watching us all zoom around his head! We all staggered off eventually feeling very dizzy and sick!

Torric set the carousel at a slower speed and people jumped back on. Torric had other ideas though, he had a running machine in the middle of the street and did some exercise! There were even a couple of deer running around in the road, it’s a good job we don’t have the buses back in Mayfair or there would have been some nasty accidents!
It was a lot of fun and I’m just sorry I missed the race, but Wiccy tells me there will be another one on 1st December, so I’ll make sure I am on time for the start of that one!!
Janey Bracken

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