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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fun Down At The Garden Cafe Graveyard

“Janey you ok over there love? I can hardly see through all this green fog” said Billy Arentire, (Manager of the Mayhem club), as he peered at me through the heavy mist shrouding the Garden Café in virtual Mayfair. “Yes thanks” I answered. I wasn’t too surprised that I had become fairly invisible, as I had donned my witches outfit, including a nice green witch’s skin created by a very clever little witch I had met called Cerise Button, and dressed like this, I easily melted into the background of the Café in my black outfit. I was actually fine, and enjoying a great night out at a Halloween party at the Garden Café.

Garden Café Manager Eveshka Blackheart had done a fabulous job arranging the event, the place looked very spooky with the backdrop of a haunted house and a graveyard installed. The worrying thing was a giant pool in the centre of the dance floor that looked like mud (well, in fact they hinted that it was a pool of poo, but I won’t go there! and wouldn’t go there at the party either!). There were some brave souls who went swimming in it up to their necks though, and they didn’t seem at all bothered!

Sim Manager Torric Rodas looked extra creepy as his head rotated on his shoulders, just like the scene from The Exorcist, I could almost hear the creaking of his neck bones! People had some great costumes, ghouls, rotting bodies, witches, a vampire nurse and even Count Dracula dropped in, I’m not too sure about the giant banana, but there must be a ghostly connection somewhere, he looked good anyway! The music was great too, adding to the atmosphere. Eveshka, Billy and Torric had done a brilliant job decorating the club, and the event was a big success. Thanks for a smashing night out at the Garden Café Eveshka, it was a party to remember!

Janey Bracken

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Hibiscus said...

Yes, it was a fun party and the Garden Cafe looked great, well done everyone. I am VERY glad I didn't jump into that pool, I thought it was mud or quicksand, but apparently not, lol.