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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Swaffette Firefly of SF Designs

Monday was Glamour Day at Virtual London Fashion Week, and those in attendance at The Kensington or online watching the live streaming were treated to a display of elegant and refined evening wear for men and women from swaffette Firefly, the designer behind the SF Designs label.

First to be presented was the October gown, modelled by Sweet Lilly. This dress was done in autumnal shades of gold and green and included a cloak for draping around the shoulders. Sweet Lilly was followed by Lexi Vargas wearing a tuxedo in coordinating colours to the October dress.
Next up was the Courtesan gown, worn by Maribel Penucca. The corset style bodice of the dress was inspired by the work of RL designer Elle of Heavenly corsets, whose designs were used with her permission. The skirt of the outfit flowed from the body conscious corset top and was made of black fabric covered with gold brocade. A lacy bolero covered the shoulders. Locked Semaphore would have made a perfect escort for Maribel, attired in a morning suit with a waistcoat of embroidered silk, plus an ascot and pocket hanky in coordinating colours to the Courtesan gown.
Following Locked Semaphore was Sensual Fold, wearing the Martine cocktail dress, a fun and flirty take on a flapper dress of the 1920’s crossed with a 60’s mini. Flexi fringe shimmered and danced as Sensual strode down the catwalk.
With Halloween not too far away, SF Designs presented the Witching Hour, a black velvet dress covered with cobwebs and available in a long or short version.
Locked Semaphore returned to the catwalk, this time wearing a striking white tuxedo. Although modelled by a male, this tuxedo is also available in a ladies’ fit.
An emerald green velvet gown with a corset bodice was next to be seen. The bodice was based on the “enchantment” corset designed by RL designer Elle of “Heavenly Corsets”, who allowed swaffett Firefly to replicate her designs in Second Life. (
Lexi Vargas appeared next, in a tan coloured business suit with a classic English slim cut. This suit comes with both a textured shirt and tie or prim shirt and tie, and can be worn by women, too.
The final dress shown was the dark red Carmelle gown. Made of silk, it had an assymetrical bodice. Included are shoes, a colour changeable bow and an underpant layer that allows for the outfit to be worn as a swimsuit.
Chic evening wear is very popular in Second Life and SF Designs provides such clothing for both male and female avatars who are looking for ensembles to wear for a night out on the town.

Hibiscus Hastings

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