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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Suki's Silks

We were treated to some really beautiful period clothing on Tuesday night at the VLFW catwalk show, as 'Suki’s Silks' designer Suki Syakumi showed us her new collection.

Suki’s beautiful medieval clothes were a particular favourite of mine, the gentleman’s armoured outfit was pure fantasy, you could almost see him riding away on his white steed into battle. The detail of the chainmail and silver guilded leather vest was just awesome.

The ladies medieval dresses were just the prettiest, I loved the sap-green dress with the ivory lace collar and patterned underskirt, the little headdress with the leather band over the models forehead completed the outfit beautifully.

The white low waisted medieval dress was just gorgeous in it’s simplicity, the waistband adding just enough texture to the gown without spoiling the lines of the garment.

Suki’s Edwardian style outfit looked superb on the handsome male model, his wide brimmed hat and long frockcoat were immaculate and very stylishly put together.

A fantasy style dress in white with an almost Eastern appearance, delighted the audience, the low cut halter neck dress with it’s laced bodice could almost have been medieval, but the full embroidered skirts gave the gown a different feel.

Next a demure cream gown with a white full sleeved blouse under the sleeveless bodice looked refreshingly pretty, the sort of outfit you would like for a picnic on a Spring day.

Another gallant gentleman took to the stage and he looked very elegant in Suki’s long frockcoat with his white ruffled shirt and patterned waistcoat, a roguish look that would set many hearts fluttering.

The final model was wearing a figure hugging floor length gown in black with striking red embroidery, the skirt billowing out below the knee. This gown would suit any avatar with an hour glass figure who wanted to attract admiring glances when she entered a room.

Suki’s clothes are perfect for role-play or fantasy sims and her show was just amazing.

Janey Bracken

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