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Monday, 7 September 2009

Spotlight on..... Rails Bailey

You may have seen Rails Bailey busy building around the Virtually London sims. Rails has contributed a great deal to the capital and continues to do so as the new SL Chelsea Manager. Rails told me his story in his own words:

"Born - 21st March 2007

Like most new residents at that time, I was born on the old Orientation Island, quickly found search and typed in Australia, and ported to the ABC sandbox.

I spent the first couple of weeks doing the new resident thing and explored some of SL, I still pop back to the first place I found during that exploration phase.

Before jumping in with both feet, I decided to try renting some land, I remember it well, 600 Lindens for 40 prims. I learned the hard way, if I went over the prim limit by even one prim, the owner wouldn’t send one prim back, he would send the whole lot back. It was fun but frustrating experience learning about land prim limits, but I got it in the end.

After a month of renting land, I jumped in with both feet and bought my first block of mainland, that first block eventually turned into 3/4 of mainland sim.

I tried many things, shopping malls and the like, then I created a group called the Combined Artisans Guild (CAG), and recruited some very talented builders, and ran monthly building exhibits, advertising them on the SL community web site.

I still have many friends from that group in SL, most have made their mark and are well respected in the areas they have chosen to go.

Twelve Months into SL and I heard about SL Mentors, and decided to give it a go. From application to becoming a Mentor took 36 hours, it was a fast ride and I have been helping people ever since.

I became a SL Mentor for a couple of reasons, I never came across one when I joined SL and was thankful for the help and guidance that good folks I met gave me. The second reason being, I enjoy helping people.

I was eventually head hunted to take over a group of crazy mentors called Mental Mentors (MM). there is a long story behind that and I won’t bore you with it.

MM's are IMHO the most dedicated and crazy mentors on the grid, but then I am biased when it comes to them.

MM went through some rough times and I had to make some really hard decisions concerning that group, again I wont go into details.

At this point in my SL life I was now running two major SL groups and one of them had to go. It was a hard choice, but I had to let CAG go, I didn’t have the time to run both.

Around the same time, I also sold my mainland and tried an island for twelve months, that was interesting times, it took two weeks of solid building work to get Van Diemans Land up and running.

Changes in my Real Life situation and I had to sell VDL, I couldnt afford it any more, so I sold it to Debs Regent. Van Diemans Land as it was then known, is now Soho, I’m glad that it went to a good home.

So I went back to a small plot of mainland, found a nice piece by the water where I could set up a fishing area.

I became involved in the London sims purely by chance, I rented a build, and as any builder does, cammed around it and thought, "Whoever made this needs building lessons", you could drive a bus through some of the gaps.

I offered to rebuild it, and have been here ever since.

I have known Das for ages, I seemed to have adopted him, just as I adopted Menolly. I remember the day I adopted Menolly, as it turns out that was a good move, since Menolly and I became one of the London Building teams.

Mere words cannot express the talent and commitment that Menolly has, she is a damned fine builder and texture artist and I am honoured to have been teamed up with her as one element of the great London team.

As for Das, raises eyebrows, when he is in a playful mood we tend to bounce each other around the sims, that has been going on for ages, in mentor restricted areas too.

He once boarded up one of my builds and put a demolition sign next to it. It took me a long time to pay him back, but I missed and got his partner Cleo instead, thats life.

You may ask why I included these two people. Well there are many people I should really include, such as:

Doctor Gascoigne, my friend, my mentor and lots more
Havok Graves, my first SL love, and despite shooting and orbiting each other in the early days, we are still firm friends.
Cash Petrov, a finer lady you wont come across, she is so committed to SL its unbelievable.

and Many more.

There is no me as such, so many people have been involved in making me, we are a cumulation of people we know and respect and love. There are elements of the real person mixed in with all that, but I believe we carry the good aspects of all the people we meet with us, everyday.

There is a lot more to the Rails story, but it would take more than this blog to write it out."

Many thanks to Rails for telling us about his SL life.

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

There sure is a lot more to his story things you dont want to know!

paula featherstone said...

Ive never met the guy but there sure is a lot of talking going on.

Unknown said...

anon, put your money where your mouth is and feel free to ask me, if you dare to climb out from behind the curtain that hides you so well

Anonymous said...

Poor form Anon - that's really a cheap shot.

- Drax

Nahiram Vaniva said...

Great story, Janey and Rails ... I just hope many people were so generous with their knowledge as you are. Keep up with the good work!!

seany1235 Blinker said...

great story janey and rails ignore people like anon there not worth it

Hibiscus said...

I must say that over the past while I have been disturbed by some of the comments that have been appearing on the blog. I am not opposed to criticism, discussion, or differences of opinion. However, things like innuendo, insinuation or ridicule do not belong in that category. Comments say as much, if not more, about the writer as the subject.

Anonymous said...

Has Rails had a sex change he is male now

rails said...

Am many things anon, tiny, furry, cockroach, human, robot, cloud, but irrespective of what I am, I use my name, can you say the same

Anonymous said...

I was only asking no need to get funny about it'.

Pete said...

Many of the london staff are very rude no customer skills.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Pete,

Do tell what you mean! have you a story about being badly treated? I think you should give us an example to back up your comments. I am surprised at your remarks as I find the team very helpful and friendly to people, so I would be interested to hear your experience.

Janey :)

pete said...

HI janey ive been iming a staff member in the mayfair sim and getting no reply even though they are online and it happend more than once.
When its about renting thats not good customer skills don't you think.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Pete,

Thank you very much for getting back to me with your comment. I know it can be very annoying when you send messages only to get them ignored. The trouble is that sometimes messages get capped, it happens to me, people send stuff and I haven't recieved it. Likewise, if I don't get an answer from someone I send a notecard too, just to make sure. I wonder if a member of staff in Mayfair would like to answer this to clear it up, it might be a good idea.

Janey :)