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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sergeant Seany Tackles Vandal

It’s nice to know the police are there to protect you if you come under attack, even from little griefers with an attitude. I’d noticed that my apartment blinds had been played with for a couple of days and saw on my ‘people counter’ that an avatar had been coming around quite a lot.

I got back the other night from a busy evening and spotted the little av’s name on my radar and guessed that she would be coming over any minute. He or she looked like the normal sort of griefer, newbie with a bad attempt at arranging their clothes and hair, even a real newbie a day old could have done better. They had chosen to look like a child av and he/she hovered outside my window and began closing the blinds. I had a game with he/she at first and opened the blinds again, but the little sweetie decided on stronger tactics and opened my door and came in.

I just watched as he/she zoomed about changing the cushion colours and other things that he/she could touch, then I asked the avatar what he/she wanted, but he/she was silent, this one wasn’t going to be any fun, shame!! dumb as well as dim! It was late and I was tired, so I decided he/she had to go, so I contacted the local SL Met Police Station and Sergeant Seany Blinker swiftly answered my call. I explained to the Sergeant about the intruder and he said he would be right over. And it was only a matter of minutes before Sergeant Blinker arrived, well within his target time! the Met should be proud of him!!

I explained to the Sergeant that the little lady was causing a disruption and he said “Ok I’ll deal with it ma’m” He told her she would need to leave as this was not her home, but alas he met a stony silence too. “Maybe she has a criminal record” I said, she/he looked like a hardened villain to me, I could tell by the way she/he had parted their hair and wouldn’t look me in the eye!

Sergeant Blinker used reasonable force to eject the little rascal from the apartment, but she/he came right back, entering Hibiscus’s apartment and getting up to mischief. Sergeant Blinker warned him/her in no uncertain terms that they would receive an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) and be banned from the sim if he/she did not behave. The little griefer did no more than to cockily start dancing and the officer, true to his word, ejected her to the edge of the sim. I could see him/her bouncing around trying to get back in, just like an angry wasp, it was so funny to see.

I think Sergeant Blinker should get a commendation from his governors for the quick thinking he did, he didn’t have to wrestle the griefer to the ground or hit him/her with his truncheon, although I would have like to have seen him use his taser gun, just a little prod to liven the griefer up a bit!! Expect the pest will be back again tomorrow with another name and just as dim!
Janey Bracken


Debs Regent said...

Well Done Seany. Glad to see London in Second Life is still a safe community for us all.

HotStuff said...

Well done Seany!! Remember if you need back up Officer Gothly of the Flying Squad can tp there in seconds!!

Hibiscus said...

Thank you Seany for looking out for us. So glad to know you are around and ready to help. And Officer Gothly, great to know you are there too!

Brie Janick said...

Officer Seany well well hahha lookes very dashin in that outfit.. Great job xxxxx

Anonymous said...

PC Jervil of the met. will also be prepared to help with such lines as,

‘nah then, ‘nah then...’wots going on ‘ere then?


You ‘ain’t being an ‘elp Sir (Madam), move along please.


Janey Bracken said...

Haha, everyone wants to be a police officer, I have a uniform too, made by the brilliant Gerr Finesmith, fine maker of uniforms! Looks like we have Virtual London's Specials Force already set up!!

seany1235 Blinker said...

hehe offcer seany said thanks for the comments oh and be good im allways watching :)