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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sascha's Designs

Some might say that this would have been the hardest spot to fill in the Virtual London Fashion Week calendar, and it just might have been. It was the first slot of the Finale on Friday and it was to be followed by the real life designer’s collections being shown in-world for the first time. So who could blame any SL designer for being a little nervous as she waited to show her collection to the audience in the packed out sim of SL Kensington. Well I have no idea how Sascha Frangilli felt, but she need not have worried, her Sascha’s Designs collection was absolutely stunning! I have always loved her gowns and Sascha gave us a show to remember.

Starting with the cutest of bright red mini dresses, but still with that chic feel, the first model looked ready for a great night out, this dress would look good for a party or a nice cosy meal in a posh restaurant. The next two dresses were a variation of the mini, but with lovely full skirts, falling just below the knee and looking very swish. The colours too were lovely shades, the soft Latte would flatter anyone’s complexion and the light blue spoke of summer days in the sunshine and cocktails on the yacht.

There was almost a harem feel to the sweet two-piece outfit with the tight red bodice and sexy long blue skirt, and I think the men would appreciate this one on their girlfriends.

I loved the rich royal blue evening dress, the long silky skirt with its subtle pattern was gorgeous. A full skirted emerald gown was equally stunning, the full skirts with the viole overskirts catching the light to show the satin underskirts so effectively.

Sascha’s excellent speaker, Piper Hanriot wore a beautiful lilac gown with its beaded, embroidered bodice and skirt sparkling on the catwalk. We were treated to this gown in gold and silver as well, and it would be a hard choice to pick just the one dress to buy, I think you would need them all (well that’s my excuse!).

The next model had an elegant gown with rich tapestry texture and a shoulder wrap making a lovely neckline feature, we saw this in a soft coffee shade and also without the shoulder wrap in a rich ruby red, which I adored.

Sascha’s Designs were brilliant and just right to start the Finale, her gowns would grace any occasion and she is one of SL’s finest designers.

Janey Bracken

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