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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ranena Olivier Couture

The second show on contemporary designer day was R.O.C designed by Ranena Olivier. Ranena Olivier became involved in Second Life fashion in October, 2008 and opened her own shop in January, 2009. After seeing the designs in her show it is hard to believe that she is just coming up to her first anniversary in the fashion trade in SL. Her clothing is luxurious and sophisticated; there is frequently a strong sense of contrast in Olivier’s use of colour or black and white.

Wenadrenia Soderstrom began the show in an ivory silk evening pantsuit, with a sheer top finished with ruffles at the neck and sleeves. Katherine Comet followed wearing a red raw silk pantsuit with silk ribbons crisscrossing the jacket and embellishing the lower leg of the pant. Sabine Mortenwald then took to the runway in an outfit called “Gold Rush”. No doubt this name was inspired by the bright yellow sweater with little black bows running down the front. Included in the ensemble is a long pair of black pants, as was shown, and also a pair of cropped pants, adding versatility. The final day to evening outfit was worn by Emma Portilo. This outfit, called “Tiramisu”, was shown in vibrant blue. The outfit worn on the runway had a cropped jacket and high waisted skirt, but also comes with high waisted pants.

The rest of the show was devoted to evening wear. Katherine was first out wearing a champagne coloured gown, with a close fitting jewelled bodice and multi-layered silk skirt; the material floated and swirled around like the petals of a beautiful ivory peony opening one on top of another. Sabine came next in a gown with a black lace top and brilliant red skirt. After this was a suit suitable for cocktail wear and worn by Wenadrenia. It consisted of a short sleeved black and white jacket worn with a wide black leather belt and elbow length gloves. The skirt was knee length and Wenadrenia chose to accessorize with black fishnet hose and lace-up ankle boots. The whole look was sleek and had an edge.

The next dress, on Emma, was slim fitting and floor length, done in a beautiful purple fabric. All the drama was in the back which had a very deep v. There were ruffles around the wrist and hem of the dress. This dress is available in cocktail length as well.

Then all eyes were on Wenadrenia, who commanded attention in a screaming red dress with a low cut front and back, as well as a thigh high slit in the skirt.
To cool things down a little, the next gown was in a fresh aqua colour, and appropriately called the “Mint Julep”, perfect for languorous afternoons relaxing with stylish company, laughing and chatting, while sipping chilled cocktails.

The last outfit was worn by Emma Portilo, a closely fitting dress made of a black on black fabric, with ruffled cuffs done in contrasting silver.

R.O.C. by Ramena Olivier is a chic and stylish collection with outfits for any occasion.

Hibiscus Hastings

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