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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pirate Party at Garden Cafe

'Ahoy, there me hearties, Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!'

On Sunday night, scurvy dog pirate Captain Torric Rodas and his lily livered crew transfomed VL Mayfair's Garden Cafe into a pirate hideaway complete with creaking galleon, yarrr. Amid much swashbucklin, plankwalkin and frolics in Davy Jones locker, VL London residents and visitors, resplendant in pirate garb, had a mighty enjoyable time, aye. Music be streamed by DJ Billy Arentire an 'Shiver me timbers', a booty chest of 500 lindens be awarded for best costumes, arrr, the winners be SarahKB7 best wench, and matey H3x.

Ed Follet


Lumpy S said...

Not really a garden cafe you get spammed to join the mayhem club soon as you land and i love mayfair what about one group like i love london seems stupid have one group for one sim.

Ed Follet said...

Going to miss you Lumpy :D There already is one group for the whole London estate 'London England' there should be a joiner in Hyde Park or search, groups. Torric has plans to remove the walls and open up the Garden Cafe with a road along one side and shops facing into it. The Mayhem group is really the Mayfair group with info about whats going on at all their venues.