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Monday, 21 September 2009

Nils Island Store Fashion Week 2009

Virtual London’s Fashion Week got off to a flying start on Saturday. The Nils Island Store Winter 2009 collection was first up, modelled by designer nils Tomorrow and Hotstuff Gothly. Brie Janick had also been scheduled to model, but Second Life being what it is, Brie was unable to attend. Nils Tomorrow opened her first store six months after discovering Second Life and now her clothing is available in 26 stores across the grid, including stores in all the Virtual London sims. Nils also designed the uniforms for the Underground Club. Nils’ clothing easily goes from daytime shopping and socializing with friends, to clubbing and partying all night long.

A number of different influences could be found in nils’ winter collection. Animal prints were used in some of the dresses that were shown. Zebra, for example, was found either subtly used, as in a bronze metallic tone on tone knit outfit worn by nils, or a black and white jersey dress worn by Hotstuff.

Nils also skilfully used cutouts. Hotstuff sported a rather daring black dress with cutouts all along one side, and for those who prefer a little more coverage nils offered another interpretation in a black and white polka dot dress. Assymetry was another trend found in nils’ clothing, with the bronze knit zebra dress, the polka dot cut out dress and a bright purple jersey dress worn by Hotstuff all having assymetrical aspects to them.
Patterns and prints were popular, as well. Nils wore a beautiful black and white houndstooth outfit, a harbinger of cooler weather around the corner, while at another point in the show Hotstuff could be seen in a purple print dress. Nils also wore a bright pink and black spotted dress with a black leather jacket, bringing colour to the cooler season.

The major accessory to be seen was the belt, sometimes in the matching fabric of the dress, at others as a leather belt in a complimentary colour, but belts could be found in most of the oufits presented.

Nils Tomorrow is a popular designer in Virtual London and these new outfits are sure to be seen on fashionable avatars all over the sim.

Hibiscus Hastings


Brie Janick said...

Nils is someone i cosider a very good friend. She is one of the best desginers Sl has to offer. Her clothes are amazing i should know i have everything in her store lol. If you havent been yet go check it out. Shes also is one of my biggets supprts when i dj. Thanks Nilsy for being an awsome friend

nils tomorrow said...

Thanks a lot for that comment and being a great friend Brie,also ty for your great support for my designs all this time,btw its always fun to shake our bonbons to ur dancy tunes:)

Anonymous said...

the blond is so excited her mouth wont close hahaaha

HotStuff said...

OM*G how bl**dy Embarrassing!!!! Cant believe you lot let me walk up n down with my gob wide open lol

Drumbo Buccaneer said...

Oh Hotsy..!!!


seany said...

wtg nillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls :)