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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

MIDI Swimwear

The catwalk was sizzling on the second day of Virtual London’s Fashion Week. This was body beautiful day, and beautiful bodies were on display wearing the creations of designer Midi Aeon. Midi Aeon is the CEO of MIDI’S and Midi Design Studio. She entered the SL fashion world in 2008 as a reseller of fine fashions. Now Midi has branched out into producing her own fashions and her new line made its SL-wide debut at Virtual London Fashion Week.

Midi’s styles are sexy and edgy. They include swimwear, Bitch Booties , stilettos and fashion jewellery, enhanced with handcrafted prims and sculpties, all of which were on display during the show.

The monokini and bikini swimsuits were worn by models Amber Quinzet, Darkevilone Demonia, Elaine Greene, Angexx Quandry and Chirzaka Vlodovic. Brilliant colours and different textures enhanced the outfits. Many of the bikinis came with alternate bottoms, bikini and tonga, or matching and contrasting colours, allowing for variability.
A line of swimsuits using Midi’s signature custom designed Scrafitto texture was presented. The Scrafitto swimsuits were shown in gold, pink, black and green and included sculpty jewels and flexi ties on the sides of the bottoms.

Midi also had a series of swimsuits made with wet paint and finger paint inspired fabric. Finger painting will have a whole new meaning from now on for those who saw these outfits.
Other designs included a Swiss bathing suit, a monokini with white crosses and the word “Swiss” printed on a red background.

The final suit of the day was the “Queen of Hearts” bikini made from a patterned fabric done in saturated colours.Autumn may be approaching, but it was a very hot summer afternoon on the catwalk of the Kensington on Sunday.

Hibiscus Hastings

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