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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lixena Marcus

Lixena Marcus (designer Lixena Lamourfou) was the second designer to take to the catwalk on the first night of VL Fashion Week. Lixena caters for styles that would suit ages all across the board in SL, her fashions are classy and timeless as well as classic. Opting for smart daywear that would also look good at special occasions. Her ‘just on the knee’ skirt lengths look good with the smooth lines of her suits and figure hugging dresses. She also uses strikingly bold colours and patterns with some of her designs that would get you noticed at any SL event. I loved Lixena’s collection, it was sheer classy styling and something a little bit different to other SL high street creations. (*Lixena Marcus* located in Mars (157,122,24). Clothes modelled by Shazna Denver, Kinji Lockjaw, Giselle Temple, and Nisa Constantine).

Janey Bracken

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