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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jazz Club Opens And Kerri Revamps Store

Phew! What a hectic time in SL London Town lately, it’s a good job I have Hibiscus and Ed covering stuff as well (come back soon Pixi we need you!!). I went to the opening of the Chelsea Jazz Club last night, or I tried to get there in time, but real life got in the way a bit. When I arrived lovely club manager Ritzzie Aristocrat had everything in hand and dj Baldguy Breen and host Jacynta Mhia were working hard to create a great atmosphere.

Ritzzie is making sure that everything is going smoothly and I think she will be a fantastic manager, just what the new club needs. Don’t forget if you want a posh night out and want to get all glammed up, head over to the Chelsea Jazz Club and have a good time.

I got a call from Knightsbridge Manager Brie Janick to say that the Harrods style building has been recreated in the sim. Although the building was a nice build before, it had been a little bit too large and needed to be scaled down so that vendors can fill it without losing themselves in the vast area. I went over to take a look and bumped into new SL builder Kerri Macarthur who had built the new store. Kerri told me that she has been building for about four months, so she has done a really good job for someone who hasn’t been building that long as the new store is beautiful. She said “this is a better size than it was before, I love making stuff... it's good to make an impression here” she told me “it was huge before.. way too big, it's had a total rebuild, I kept the original prims, but resized and moved everything around” Kerri said that she had stayed up a whole night and the next day to complete it. Well done Kerri and hoping to see a lot more of your work around SL London.
Janey Bracken


james said...

Errrrm posh night out have you seen the club my garden shed Is more posh than that place. I moved out of chelsea the place does not have the nice feel it had before such a shame. I guess people make mistakes when they give people jobs.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi James,

I hope you will give the club a chance, Ritzzie and her team have just started out on this new venture and they really want to make a go of it. Sorry you have felt that you had to move out of Chelsea by the way!

Janey :)

Hibiscus said...

As Janey said, I think we need to give the club a chance. At the opening Ritzzie and Jacynta were doing everything possible to make the guests feel welcome and comfortable, creating a very pleasant atmosphere, which is so important. Time is what is needed to learn and grow as this is a new project for everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

A few comments about the new club. First, the feel of it is very nice. It's a friendly atmosphere. The timing for such an opening is just right and this type of club should be very popular.

Now the criticism. This is meant to be constructive so if any of the club management reads it, please accept it as constructive.

While the music is sometime wonderful, it has at times been absolutely DREADFUL. And when I say dreadful, I mean it's sometimes bad enough to chase people away. PLEASE stop using feeds with opera, christmas or non-jazz types of music! It's a JAZZ club and people who go there with that expectation.

I want the club to succeed, so please don't skimp on the most important part of a jazz club - keep the music appropriate with what the customers expect!!

Anonymous said...

Chrismas songs pmfsl hahahahaha

rails said...

got a pic of your garden shed James

james said...

Long as you get a builder to build it.