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Saturday, 26 September 2009

In Event Manager Ruskin's Own Words.......

Ladies and Gentlmen what an evening! WHAT an evening! I can’t believe its all over! And all I can say right now is THAT WAS AN AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!

What a week it has been – we’ve had Ball gowns and Bikinis, Victoriana and Medieval, Clubwear to High class couture!

You know they say “Fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other.”

but…. BEFORE we conclude this year’s show, and have our final party …. I have to say a few words of thanks to the INCREDIBLE team I’ve had working with me… and please help me thank them with many appreciative gestures!!!!

Firstly - there too many to mention individually – OUR RUNWAY MODELS – who all wear the VLFW DIVA tag – you have ALL been magnificent! They’ve worked so hard to make the shows come to life – show them your appreciation for LOTS of hard work – thanks TO YOU ALL!!! You’ve made the event very special with your dedication and time!

Our backstage staff have also been magnificent – Giselle Temple, who stepped in at the last moment to help, and Sweetest Sands, who helped organise tonight’s show… THANK YOU… you’ve both been complete angels… and Giselle – we couldn’t have pulled off the shows as professionally as we did without you! So Thank You!!!

The Virtual London Team have been incredible, supportive and are some of the most skilled people in SL that I know and they include -

TD Reinhardt, who built this incredible venue and the Expo site across the road – and has helped out enormously! THANKS TD!!!!!!!!

Kwame Oh – who has toiled night and day to get the media stream working on the internet!

If you haven’t seen it, check it out at and also this Wednesday - we’re going to have a BEST IN SHOW night of all the good things that have happened, right here at the Kensington club.
Janey Bracken, Hibiscus Hastings, and Ed Follet – who’s press coverage of this event is OUTSTANDING and if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out on Virtual London –

Seany Blinker just for being helpful whenever he is needed – Billy Arentine – for the incredible logo and graphics - and Brie Janick – who is one of the most supportive, helpful people I’ve every come across on the Grid – and is always there for advice or help!

Our DJ’s Siimon Inglewood and Mac Anthony have played some great nights this week, and also our hosts Kookie Hax, Maddy Adamski, and Miamore Ames were wonderful THANK YOU ALL!

OUR DESIGNERS!!!!! OMG!!! OUR DESIGNERS!!!!!! THIS SHOW COULD NOT have happened without you!!! And a special mention to Nils Tomorrow, Estelle Parnall, Watcher Castaignede and Lixena Lamourfou who managed to pull of the incredible tonight - and merge RL fashion with SL fashion in a matter of a few days!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

/me points across the runway and over the floor to the QUEEN of VIRTUAL LONDON – DEBS REGENT!!! – Debs – if you hadn’t twisted my arm and plied me with alcohol in the pub several weeks ago - none of this would have happened! SO THANKS!!!!!! When are we going for champagne?????!!!!!!!


/me points out across the glamorous stars and celebrities of Virtual London Fashion Week…. To the TRUEST STAR OF THE SHOW………

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – Please show A HUGE round of Second Life appreciation for my AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED AND INCREDIBLE co-creator for this event…… SHAZA DENVER!!!!!!!!!

SHAZA – did I tell you that you were a superstar yet today?


This has been VIRTUAL LONDON FASHION WEEK 2009 !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruskin Thor
VFLW Event Manager 2009

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HotStuff said...

Yes well done to all you guys that made this week happen, it was a fab week! Hotsey xx