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Friday, 11 September 2009

Ghostly Sim Invasion

There is something strange going on in the Virtual London sims, I opened my map only to see a big blue void, then when I managed to get back to my apartment in SL Chelsea yesterday I was shocked at what I saw. I have a nice view over the water on one side of my place, which is nearest to the edge of the sim. When I looked, all I could see was rooftops and my old office building Northcliffe House, just across the road.

There were some houses bang! right next to my balcony and Hibiscus, who is downstairs to me, was even worse off as her balcony was touching the balcony of the house opposite, anyone moving in there could just chat to Hib over the garden wall, no problem!!

Teleport wasn’t working either, so I went outside and flew over into the offending sim (which was SL Kensington by the way) and found that my new office was now only a couple of seconds from home. In fact I could sit in my office and see my apartment building from there. I began to think it may not be so bad after all, in fact there are some lovely buildings in Kensington and maybe the rooftops didn’t look so unsightly. I teleported back to my apartment and looked at the map again and it was still not working, just a big blue empty space. Then suddenly Kensington was gone, my view over the water was back and I began to think I had imagined it all. Good job I took some photos to prove that I wasn’t seeing things.

So the sims have been moved around: I would love to know how Linden Labs move them, and why my office furniture never fell over in the process!
Answers on a postcard please,
to Janey Bracken (who is glad
to have her nice view back!!)


Anonymous said...

How odd! I've never seen that happen before!


Janey Bracken said...

Me either, very spooky!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a result of relocating the London Sims to a new area of the grid. It was temporary anomaly

We had a similar issues when Mayfair was relocated.

— TD :-)

Janey Bracken said...

Thanks for explaining TD, they had me worried for a little while :))