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Friday, 18 September 2009

Exciting Fashion Week News

We had the press party tonight in advance of the Virtual London Fashion Week, which starts tomorrow. Hard working Event Manager Ruskin Thor talked us through the forthcoming week’s events as we sipped champagne in the elegant entrance halls of the Kensington building where the shows are going to take place.

Virtual London owner Debs Regent took the floor next and gave us some really exciting news. Debs mentioned that the real London Fashion show was being held this week and she told us “As you know, RL London Fashion Week is a show that presents the best of Haute Couture in the world... We were lucky enough to be speaking with one of their top designers today, so, it may then be no surprise to you that these designers are interested in what we are doing here” Debs continued “so interested, that one of the top designers, who also has a RL shop in Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, has asked us to represent some of the RL designs in the VL Fashion Week in Second Life next week.” Debs explained “Towards the end of the week we will have SL designers showing their interpretations of this RL designers' couture, this is a real coup, this IS one of the leading lights in Couture in the world, so we are delighted.”

We will have to wait to see who this top real world designer is, and this is the most awesome news for Virtual London. This will surely be the beginning of the Fashion World using Second Life as a tool to get their creations shown to a world-wide audience in spectacular 3D.

Virtual London residents can be very proud of Debs Regent who is bringing real life into Second Life and making a piece of Metaverse history with her innovations.

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