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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Evie's Closet

It’s not often you get a designer collection that just brings gasps of pleasure from the audience every time another outfit appears. Well the clothing Monday night at the VL Fashion Show did just that, Evie’s Closet, a creation of designer Evangeline Miles, was the most spectacular show so far for me.

Evangeline’s fantasty gowns are so exquisitely detailed they are just amazing. The use of colour is an outstanding feature too, her gowns are vibrant, and she goes for the richest hues in the spectrum colour range.

The first ruby red gown was a classic with it’s tight shaped bodice and billowing full skirt, which moved gracefully as the model took to the catwalk. By contract a pretty pink empire dress was next, with flouncy sleeves and a dark rose pink bodice. As the model moved down the catwalk she showed a variation of the bodice turning it to a pale pink, with a deep vee neckline, the colour matching the tiered skirt this time.

Next was a beautiful wine coloured three quarter length evening dress, which would look good in any SL Jazz Club or smart day out. The colour reminded me of black tulips and the skirt looked like the petals too.

Another fabulous empire line dress was next on the catwalk, the deep rich blue, really catching the eye, and so gracefully made with the long flowing skirt. This rich blue really complimented the models reddish brown hair and I could imagine a real redhead looking a million dollars in this one.

People were commenting on the collection as each model appeared and I think Evangeline may have a rush on at her store. Next to grace the catwalk was a fairytale dress that took our breath away. I was sitting next to Hibiscus and she told me she thought that the model looked like a glamorous Hollywood Star of long ago and I would have to agree with her, the bright red overskirt, falling in petals over the darker red full skirt, with the gold embroidered hem, looked just magical.

We were treated to a cascade of violet with the next two dresses, the first one looked like a Victorian travelling gown with it’s long sleeves and gold trim on the overskirt and underskirt, a smart outfit to wear to your favourite Victorian sim, it would surely make heads turn. The second gown was a shimmering sleeveless evening dress, the light reflecting off of the bodice and overskirt beautifully. Next there was a dream of a dress in white, with a floral embroidered bodice and skirt hem, I cammed in close to see the detail and it was perfect, so pretty. This dress could be worn as a wedding dress and it looked really expensive.

Another deep blue fantasy dress followed the white gown and I really could see myself in this one (sigh!! I could see myself in them all!!). The model had tiny blue rosebuds in her hair to match the richly coloured gown and it would look fantastic in any Medieval sim. A ball gown in startling red and black was next, the satin skirts billowing out nicely, a colour combination that says the wearer wants to be noticed and would indeed be, whatever the occasion. Next a blue/violet creation that was just exquisite, the bustle at the back of the gown fell in tiny tiers with embroidery, beads and netting, so pretty!!

Finally we had the wedding dress from heaven, the model started with a deep blue velvet bodice and sleeves, contrasting with the white skirt and wedding veil, which would suit a December wedding nicely, she then changed to the all white version, which was absolutely stunning. Although this appeared to be a largely Victorian influenced style, I would imagine any bride in any sim would choose this one.

Well done Evangeline your collection is an inspiration.

Janey Bracken

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Elizabetta Westland said...

Beautiful gowns! Stunning!