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Thursday, 24 September 2009

embry Delight of Smashin Fashion

The fourth day of Fashion Week was devoted to fantasy and role playing fashions. One of the designers presented was embry Delight of Smashin Fashion. A statement written by designer embry Delight was read at the start off the show. embry said “Smashin Fashion is a store with all kinds of looks and designs. Most outfits come with several different pieces for you to mix and match and make your own style because everyone likes different things.... I make clothes that I myself would wear I don’t just throw things together to get it done , if I wouldn’t wear it I won't make it. I take great pride in the way I dress and look.” Tattoos, furniture and other things are also available at this versatile designer’s store.

Grunge looks, urban role-play, club wear and other role-play looks were on display. Shorts, skirts, half skirts, kilts, fishnet leggings and boots all made an appearance on the catwalk. Accessories included belts, armbands, syringes, needles, bottles, pipes, pouches, bags and even a drinking horn.

Neko wear is also part of the Smashin Fashion line. One cute Neko outfit was called “Free to a Good Home”, with that saying emblazoned across the front of the tee shirt modeled by Delacroix Constantine. The ensemble was done in pink and black, and included ears, tail, and paws.

This was followed by another Neko look, worn by Jenie Jennings. Called “Colour Changing Kitty”, the outfit included ears, top and short shorts, as well as a luxurious looking tail with a bow and flower which rotated through different colours, as well as heels with a flower that does the same.

The final outfit of the show was a formal one called “Sasha”. It was composed of a full length purple damask gown with lace edged underskirt, gown, cape and hood, and was beautifully worn by Sweet Lilly.

Smashin Fashion provides clothing for different role-playing needs. Embry Delight will even make an outfit of hers in a different colour for only L$100 more if you send her a notecard. Her clothing is well made and the outfits offer great versatility as well since mixing and matching is built in to the designs, allowing avatars to tweak their looks depending on needs, moods and occasions.

Hibiscus Hastings

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